Wireless pressure sensor transmitters and receivers from Cynergy3.

Wimborne, UK, based company – Cynergy3 Components Ltd – have further expanded their range of industrial pressure sensors by developing the IWPT series of wireless pressure transmitters and receivers.  The easy to set-up, DIL switch paired devices can save significant installation costs in remote or difficult to access locations and plants.  With an active range of up to 750m (line-of-sight) and a battery life in excess of 5 years, each pressure transducer sends data at a user-selectable update rate to either a single or 5-channel receiver.  The receiver then produces either 4-20mA or 1-5Vdc analogue outputs of the measured pressure ranges.  The transmitters are available in a wide variety of ranges from 0-50mbar to 0-400barG.

Each transducer is manufactured in the UK from stainless steel and utilises piezo-resistive sensors and are accurate to +/-0.25%/FS.  Each device is individually calibrated, temperature compensated and supplied with a traceable serial number.

Full details including datasheets and 3D models can be found on Cynergy3’s website at www.cynergy3.com

Simon Dear – Sales Manager
Cynergy3 Components Ltd
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Tel: +44(0) 1202 897969
Email: sales@cynergy3.com


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