Xergi Bogas Plants

Xergi is a leading supplier of advanced turnkey biogas plants, headquartered in Denmark with wholly owned subsidiaries in UK and France.

Xergi has extensive experience from over 30 years in the biogas industry, and specialises in large scale plants with a high versatility in feedstock, including food waste, industrial and commercial organic waste, pig and cattle slurry, farm yard manure, deep litter, poultry manure, straw, crop residues, etc.

The Xergi plants are individually designed with the customer’s return on investment at heart, with focus on high performance, low operation and maintenance costs and high versatility in feedstock.

Xergi has developed a number of new features to increase the performance of biogas plants.

The Flexfeed® modules are designed to mix and preheat biomasses before entering the digester. This allows a very precise feeding of the digester. These modules are also used as pasteurisation modules where pasteurisation of the waste stream is required. The preheating of the biomass before entering the digester also reduces the risk of foaming.

Large quantities of solid material like farm yard manure, deep litter, straw etc. is available for biogas plants. For his type of material, Xergi has developed the X-chopper® which is a high performance chain chopper that operates continuously and has a proven track record since 2013.

Xergi also has a process that allows anaerobic digestion of 100% poultry manure. The patented NiX® technology removes a large quantity of the ammonium in the feedstock. Xergi has built the first large scale biogas plant based on this technology in Northern Ireland. The plant will start operation later this year.

Within the biogas sector, Xergi can offer:

  • Turnkey biogas plants with CHP or bio-methane
  • SCADA system
  • Operation & maintenance
  • After sales & service
  • Biological research and support

More than 60 biogas reference plants are installed worldwide inclusive 10 in the UK. Total installed capacity is more than 70 MWe plus 90 MW bio-methane.

Website: www.xergi.com

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