Advanced decoupling protection for renewables offers easy set up and safe grid connection

The new VMD460 Interface Protection System from Bender UK makes it easier than ever to set up advanced decoupling protection for the critical link between renewable power electricity generating equipment and the National Grid.

The new system simplifies commissioning with a wide range of flexible settings and related parameters saved in pre-set basic programs, all accessed through the on board screen display and push button controls.

That enables VMD460 to easily to accommodate the limits dictated by the DNO (District Network Authority) or plant-specific requirements which typically include voltage, frequency, ROCOF (rate of change), and phase angle etc.

The new system is compliant with the latest UK and European standards for the G59 Mains Protection Relay for photovoltaic systems, CHP (combined heat & power), wind and hydroelectric power to provide a comprehensive solution to the needs of renewable energy installations.

VMD460 delivers external network and system protection by continuously monitoring phase sequence, voltage and frequency. If there is an infringement beyond the pre-set limits the relayisolates the connection between the public grid and the power generation system – instantly disconnecting the generator from the grid for total protection and peace of mind

A key advantage of the system is the fact that it does not require connection to a PC or other device to set up and commission, or change operating threshhold parameters.  All of the required information can be displayed and customised using the illuminated liquid crystal multi-line graphic display on the device itself.

Other features of the system include a test function for the determination of the shutdown time, memory of the last 300 events and faults with real-time clock-calendar time stamp, continuous monitoring of phase voltage and line conductor voltage, and separate switching conditions after a threshold infringement. The device incorporates an RS-485 interface  for data exchange and software update via BMS bus, and settings can be password protected.

Bender UK Managing Director Steve Mason explains: “Bender has a very strong track record in supplying mains protection relay systems and the VMD460 represents a step change in terms of functionality and ease of use.  It is, however, competitively priced against the previous generation products and therefore represents outstanding value for our customers, delivering total safety and programming capability in a single compact unit.”


For more information on the VMD460 and other electrical safety equipment designed for the renewable and power generation sectors visit is

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