Be in control of your Nitrogen supply!

Paying for something that you don’t use is frustrating, whether at work or home. Sitting on inventory that won’t sell or buying more wallpaper than your room needs…waste and excess is never welcome. You might not realise it, but the same could be happening with your Nitrogen supply.

Engineering, manufacturing, packaging, laboratories; many industries factor in the cost of their Nitrogen replenishment into budgets and projections without a second thought, but what if you had better control of your Nitrogen supply? Paying for only the amount you use!

Health and safety, operational and administrative, labour and infrastructure budgets all can be increased by choosing gas cylinders or bottles. Managers and staff alike may be unaware of the hidden costs of using this method, and how quickly they can mount up, increasing the overall operating expenses of an organisation.

The man-hours involved in the management of gas cylinders is rarely budgeted for, but these products need to be received, handled, stored, inspected, maintained, changed, removed and recycled. Even the administration of gas cylinder supply can be time consuming.  As well as the people power, there’s a physical cost of space – usually in the form of a special storage space with specific environmental and security requirements. Plus the additional electricity costs.

Tanks of liquid Nitrogen can lose up to 2% of their volume per day in vented N2 gas. So how can you get the Nitrogen you need, at the purity your process requires, without paying for wasted product?

A Nitrogen Gas Generator allows you to generate only the amount of Nitrogen you need, customised for your flow rate and purity. Nitrogen is produced automatically and naturally from the surrounding air in line with the demand required. You never have to wait for Nitrogen to be delivered again!

A generator can eliminate wasted money, and wasted gas, in addition to the many associated health and safety benefits that a generator provides over high pressure N2 cylinders.

Generators operate at low pressures, storing only small volumes of pressurised gas. They don’t need to be moved or changed, removing injury risks.

Nitrogen delivery is automatic, reliable and inexpensive. They are unaffected by inflation and delivery problems. The only ongoing cost is for electricity, and the only raw material required is air.

The management costs are vastly reduced and any maintenance can be easily budgeted for.

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