Keeping ahead of the competition in the innovative development of new products is the life blood of any forward thinking manufacturer. It seems a new car design rolls out of the production plant of the three main German car manufacturers every week! And all because their need to keep one step ahead is paramount. The enclosure industry is no different, just on a much lesser financial scale

But we can only develop these successful products if we know what the market in which we operate demands.


No better illustration of this business method which is based on our ability to know or predict what our customers will need, is the introduction of the new Euronord 3 range.

In designing Euronord 3 we have listened closely to the OEM market and developed a range of products which offers more features than those of our main competitors. Features should always result in benefits, and the backbone of the Euronord 3 design is to make the installer’s life easier while endorsing the aesthetic importance of the enclosure, crucially important to the discerning OEM.

Steve Gallon, Fibox UK MD said, “We have taken the 6 most popular Euronord 2 sizes and developed this innovative new range which moves this genre of enclosures to another level. We were able to do this by taking notice of customer feedback which once again highlights the clear benefits of building  collaborative partnerships with our customers; linking product development with industry requirements, reinforced by the knowledge of knowing that we are making our customers life easier”.

Designed specifically for use in numerous applications in harsh and demanding environments, Euronord 3 is a product which incorporates a host of market leading features and benefits which will be attractive to the Instrumentation and Electronic Control Unit manufacturing sector, but will also appeal to any manufacturer looking to make their own innovation stand out from their competitors;

  • ¼ turn quick release, non-corrosive cover screws, designed to save time in installation and maintenance
  • Recessed covers for fitting membranes, labels and other surface mounted panels. Corners are protected by the recess
  • Cover screw corner plugs for aesthetics, cover cleaning and security
  • Opaque and smoked transparent covers. The edge around the recess is textured to offer a pleasing effect. Euronord 2 covers are interchangeable with the Euronord 3 bases
  • Available in Polycarbonate and ABS
  • IP66/67. Market leading ingress protection


Steve Gallon explained that the Fibox Euronord 3 development philosophy was really quite simple “ Euronord 2 has been a real success story but our customers wanted more. We listened and have now delivered”.

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