Munters Win Global Freight Innovation Award

Amidst a 500 strong prestigious audience of the world’s top freight companies Munters accepted the Global Freight Innovation Award for Drytainer.

The award recognises new products which approach everyday freight transport in new ways, enhancing performance, decreasing costs and spearheading an operational change that the industry hadn’t even considered.A popular choice with the audience raising a huge cheer when Munters won, Alan Bessant told the audience “Many of you may not realise how intimate you are with Drytainer, as every morning when you pick up your toast you are sampling bread whose main ingredient has been safely transported and protected by Munters Drytainer” “We would like to thank Allied Mills who worked with us on our preliminary trials and have applied the solution to their haulage fleet with tremendous results”

For decades, the food industry has recognised the benefits of controlling relative humidity in manufacture, process, packaging and storage. While there are different methods of controlling humidity, desiccant dehumidification has been proven to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, increase production, improve safety and hygiene, as well as creating optimal climate conditions consistently all year round.

Where is dehumidification used? Dehumidification can be utilised anywhere where excess moisture can impact on the product or production process. Raw materials such as sugar, flour and cocoa powders are sensitive to moisture both in storage in silos and during transportation. By utilising desiccant dehumidification, manufacturers can prevent product sticking inside the silos, improving product pourability, and removing the risk of mould growth. This not only minimises waste; it also reduces cleaning requirements.

In food and beverage production, air quality is essential for hygiene and product quality, whether you’re producing a loaf of bread, freezing goods or brewing beer. A global leader in energy-efficient air treatment solutions, Munters develops ways of improving the quality of air, focusing on both temperature and humidity control. Products that naturally have contact with the air can be spoiled or have their shelf life affected by bacteria, mould and moisture. By controlling air quality, Munters enables greater shelf life and better product quality and aesthetics.

Based on Munters tried and tested desiccant technology; which is in over 300,000 installations worldwide. It offers transport companies a dehumidification solution for greater fleet availability and turnaround times. Hauliers can move goods safely in the knowledge materials are protected in a high quality dry environment.

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