RMIG Bridge Slot screens cut process drying times

 An innovative range of drying screens has been launched in the UK by RMIG, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of precision perforated products. Bridge Slot screens are specially designed for use in drying and storing all sorts of solid materials, such as grains, herbs, and more recently wood-chip, which is now primarily used to fuel biomass boilers. 


RMIG’s Bridge Slot screens are designed to enable a unique flow of air through the slots. This significantly improves air circulation, reducing drying times and increasing efficiency. With the right heating and storage conditions moisture content in wood-chip for example, can be reduced from an initial 50% to an ideal 18-20% in just 48 hours.


RMIG Bridge Slot screens are manufactured in mild steel between 2mm and 5mm thick. This makes the screens ideal for use as “drive-on” flooring in large storage areas. With the right support system, the screens can take wide wheeled trucks for bulk loading and off-loading.


In cross section, each perforated slot resembles a bridge with a slotted opening.  This opening can be adjusted to suit the application, to prevent grain or wood-chip for example from falling through the slots. Screens used for wood-chip drying are typically 3mm thick mild steel and have a 2.5mm opening with an open area of 7%. This is now held in stock by RMIG as a standard 2500mm x 1250mm sheet in the UK, but can be manufactured to specific sizes.


Graham Driver, product specialist at RMIG, explains, “Making renewable energy more accessible in both domestic and non-domestic settings will long continue to be high on the Government’s agenda. RMIG perforated Bridge Slot screens provide an ideal opportunity for making wood-chip ready as a biomass product and support Government schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive.”


Bridge Slot perforated screens have a wide range of applications, in the agricultural and food sectors, in energy and for use as filtration screens in the water and chemical industries.  Offering application-specific guidance, bespoke services and short delivery times makes RMIG the ideal partner for providing ventilation solutions for industry and agriculture. For further information about RMIG’s Bridge Slot screens visit www.rmig.co.uk.

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