“NIS” Completes A Successful 8 Months Field Trial Of Its NanoLub® Diesel Engine Power Generation Oil Additive At A Power Plant In Ecuador.

NIS completes an 8 month long field trial of its NanoLub® Power Generation lubricant solution, at “TERMOGUAYAS GENERATION S.A. (TGSA)” diesel engine power plant in Ecuador. The results showed a significant increase in the facility’s power output, intervals between major maintenance cycles and reduction of unexpected down-times, leding to a successful commercialization of the project.

“Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Inc.” (NIS), the USA innovative nanotechnology company and “NanoMaterials Ltd.”, NIS’s wholly owned subsidiary, have concluded an 8 month long field trial in collaboration with “Thermoguayas Generation S.A”, an operator in the field of power generation.

During the field test, conducted at “Thermoguayas” diesel engine Power Plant in Ecuador, NIS’s NanoLub® Power Generation DE-M5000 Diesel Engine oil additive was used with 4MW Wartisla diesel engines, resulting in an 8.6% power output increase for recently overhauled engines and a staggering 42% increase for pre overhauled engines, with an impressive overall boost in the Power Plant’s output capacity. In addition, major engine maintenance cycles (MMC) were prolonged by 75%, from 8000 to 14000 hours.

The full scale commercialization of the project, may result in tens of millions of dollars in added profit for the power plant operators, due to the facility’s increased power output capacity, substantial maintenance savings and reduction of unexpected down-times.

“The technology behind NanoLub®, is considered groundbreaking by the scientific community. Additionally it is the key in creating a powerful and simple to use product, capable of improving the customer’s ROI in a verifiable way.”, said Eugene Kverel, NIS’s President and CEO. “My advice to potential customers basically is: When considering a major investment in new infrastructure, look for our nano-lubricant solutions first. We have a simple and cost effective way to make your existing equipment perform at a whole new level.”

About NanoLub® Power Generation
The NanoLub® product family has received the prestigious Nano 50TM Award by Nanotech Briefs (publishers of NASA Tech Briefs) and it is the first successful commercial implementation of inorganic, multi-layered fullerene-like nanoparticles in Extreme Pressure (EP) lubricants, based on patented and award-winning technology developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

NanoLub® operates a dual-effect mechanism: multi-layer tungsten disulfide nanospheres reduce friction and heating, thereby reducing mechanical wear. Extreme pressure conditions causes nanospheres to create a tribofilm layer that attaches to surface crevices and smoothens them, thereby extending mechanical efficiency and equipment life.

NanoLub® Diesel Engine Lubricant Solution for Power Generation, includes Fully Formulated Engine Oils as well as an AW/AF Engine Oil Top-off Additive, enabling the maintenance personnel to choose between a complete lubricant solution and an additive that can be used with his current oil brand. The series includes:

  •     DE-M5000 Diesel Engine Top-off Oil Additive
  •     SAE-30 (PS1000) Diesel Engine Oil for Power Generation
  •     SAE-40 (PS1100) Diesel Engine Oil for Power Generation

About Nanotech Industrial Solutions:
Nanotech Industrial Solutions is the primary manufacturer of Nano sized particles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide. These revolutionary particles were first developed in 1992 by Prof. Roshef Tenne at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. The technology is exclusively licensed to Nanotech Industrial Solutions for commercialization Worldwide. NIS has attracted the best minds in the fields of nano technology, chemistry, and various targeted industry applications like lubricating oils, greases, coatings, metal working fluids, polymers and composites. The recently opened Global Corporate office, commercialization R&D lab, manufacturing, blending and packaging facilities are located in Avenel, NJ.
For more information, visit: http://www.nisusacorp.com/

About NanoMaterials Ltd.:
“NanoMaterials Ltd.” a cleantech company operating in the field of Nanotechnology, was established in 2002 and after its acquisition in 2013 became a subsidiary of the leading American company “Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Inc.” (NIS). A pioneer of inorganic, multi-layered fullerenes, NanoMaterials was the first company to succeed in the commercial production of inorganic, multi-layered nanofullerenes and nanotubes, based on exclusively patented platform technology developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
For more information, visit: http://www.apnano.com

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