New digital refractometer from PCE Instruments

After adding lots of hand-held refractometers last year, PCE Instruments have recently launched a new tabletop Abbe refractometer that stands out by its high accuracy (4 decimal places). It measures the refractive index and the sugar content in % Brix, it has 100 memory locations and users can save user profiles and samples.

The large (5.6 “) LED touch screen with backlight makes operation easy and the robust case guarantees a long service life. To avoid measurement errors, the meter has a calibration function. Calibrations are carried out before each start of the digital refractometer but can also be made during its use. In order not to falsify measurement results due to common light sources like light bulbs or daylight, there is a sample cover which should be closed during the measurement. A thermostat can be connected to the refractometer to ensure a constant temperature, which is very important to measure the correct refractive index.

The measurement range for the refractive index is 1.3000 … 1.7000 nD and sugar contents between 0 and 100 % can be measured. The respective resolutions are 0.0001 nD and 0.1 % and the accuracies are ±0.0001 nD and ±0.1 %.

The PCE-DRB 10 refractometer comes with a mains plug, a factory calibration certificate, a packing list and a user manual.

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