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TTI Group Ltd – Heat & Surface Treatments

TTI Group Limited provides a range of Heat & Surface Treatments to UK Engineering industry.

In addition to offering a full range of specialised heat & surface treatment processes, designed to overcome specific problems such as abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance, TTI are also able to provide customers access to extencive experience and excellent expert metallurgical knowledge.

OMEGA Introduces Handheld Wireless Bluetooth® Transmitter


The OMEGA UWBT Series of Bluetooth® transmitters combine the accuracy of an industrial sensor/transmitter with the convenience of smartphones and tablets. It measures different sensor inputs such as thermocouple, RTD, relative humidity, and pH and transmits the data to your smart phone or tablet via wireless Bluetooth communication from the free UWBT app running on an iOS or Android™ smart phone/tablet.

Order an environmental simulation chamber and get a BINDER Pure Aqua Service at no cost!


  • Homogeneous climate conditions thanks to APT.lineTM double-sided horizontal air inlet
  • Droopless, capacitive moisture sensor
  • Wide humidity range up to 98 % r.h.
  • Responsive vapor pressure humidification
  • Automatic water and waste water management
  • Control and documentation software APT-COM™

New Levels of Performance in Superphosphate Conveying

Guttridge Ltd has supplied Bradley Pulverizer Company, a leading provider of minerals processing plant, with a series of bucket elevators for single superphosphate powder (SSP) plant projects in the Middle East. The new plants incorporate the Bradley Broadfield process, the accepted global standard for SSP manufacture. The Guttridge HiLoad bucket elevators supplied have been engineered for high reliability for the abrasive, dusty process streams with high throughput specifications that reflect the growing scale of processing plants around the world.

LumaSense Introduces the World’s First Industrial Grade 2-Color Infrared Pyrometer with Thermal Imaging Capabilities

The ISR 6-TI Advanced pyrometer uses a built-in video camera with infrared filter to improve manufacturing processes in metals, glass, and other heat-dependent manufacturing industries.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Frankfurt/M.; March, 2015 – LumaSense Technologies, Inc.® added the integrated ISR 6-TI Advanced to their IMPAC pyrometer and imaging portfolio for increased control and optimization of manufacturing processes in metals, glass, and other materials industries. The ISR 6-TI Advanced is a true break-through by combining pyrometry with infrared imaging technology to produce “Relative” thermal images. “Relative” thermal images are produced by measuring the temperature of the center spot with a ratio pyrometer and using an infrared filter to show an auto-calibrated thermal image based on the highly accurate ratio pyrometer temperature reading.

In need of Penstock Valves? Pollution Containment? Drain Closure Devices? ASOV’s, or ROSOV’s?

Environmental Innovations Ltd is a UK designer and manufacturer of pollution and spill containment systems. Many of our customers seek to comply with the major spill, firewater risk and COMAH regulations. Can we help you?

Air Separation Unit – Hydrogen Measurement in Deoxo Skid

“The H2scan hydrogen analyzer has been integral in providing accurate, excess hydrogen measurement on our deoxo skid. The H2scan system was easy to set up and H2scan’s technical staff has provided excellent support.”

Based on the feedback from the site, H2scan analyzers have been selected to replace all thermal conductivity hydrogen analyzers on the company’s deoxo skids within the US.

Product to Pallet Labelling Solutions

Modern manufacturing requires an integrated approach across all aspects of the production process, to ensure not just productivity, but the quality and consistency demanded by the consumer. As demands and expectations have increased within the production processes themselves, so too has the need for concise and efficient marking and labelling.

Whether a label contains simple instructions, a use by date or traceability information within a bar code, 2D matrix code or an RFID smart label, it is essential that manufacturers have the confidence that each and every label will be produced and applied to a consistent standard, irrespective of where in the production process the operation takes place.

ZOUCH Expandafoam BG1 – Multi Functional Joint Sealing Tape

ZOUCH Expandafoam BG1 is a PUR sealing tape impregnated with a re resistant polymeric dispersion. It is specially designed for joints in buildings up to 100m high, in accordance with DIN 18055.

ZOUCH Expandafoam BG1 fulls the stringent requirements of the DIN 18542 edition 2009. In addition to providing protection against driving rain to a minimum of 600 Pa (equivalent to wind force 11 – Violent Storm) the vapour permeable joint sealing tape also possesses outstanding thermal and acoustic characteristics, as well as allowing for diurnal movement.

Clean Air At Work for Welders and their shop floor colleagues

Plymovent Industrial Products can provide your workforce with a clean working environment by capturing harmful welding fumes, dust and oil mist and removing them from the workplace. As you know companies are obliged by law to keep welding fumes, dust and oil mist in the breathing zone of a welder below a certain limit. As welding fumes are potentially dangerous for people’s health (if you are unsure of the problems that can be created by breathing in welding fume don’t just take our word for it – check out the HSE Website, they should be reduced and/or extracted from the area where welding fume collects.

ABB to share its flow measurement expertise at forthcoming factory open day

ABB Measurement & Analytics to hold open day at its Stonehouse factory to demonstrate its flow testing facility and expertise for industrial flow measurement applications.

ABB Measurement & Analytics will be holding an open day at its Stonehouse factory on the 25th March to share its expertise on flow measurement and calibration. Free to attend, the event is open to anyone involved in the specification, operation and maintenance of flowmetering equipment and will cover a variety of areas relating to flow measurement and calibration.

System Devices: Opto 22 announced groov 2.3, adding Modbus/TCP communication to groov web-based mobile interface software.

With Modbus/TCP support, thousands of industrial devices can now be monitored and managed using eff ective, scalable operator interfaces on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Modbus/TCP is a widely adopted, TCP/IP-based communications protocol used in level sensors, rotary encoders, drives, meters, and industrial controllers and I/O, plus thousands of other devices deployed in diverse industries. 

Aquatic Solutions Conference on electrical actuated underwater applications now open for registration

The Aquatic Solutions Conference (ASC) is an international, independent conference dedicated to advance the professional and scientific understanding of underwater solutions, focusing on electrical actuated units. By providing an independent platform, the ASC is able to generate a strong network where science and practice meet, to find real solutions for real challenges.


The Fulton name has been synonymous with heat transfer solutions since the company first introduced the vertical tubeless steam boiler in 1949 and Fulton was established in Bristol in 1966. Today, Fulton is still one of the world’s leading manufacturers and produces an unrivalled range of multi-fuel-fired steam and hot water boilers but, as Ian Halliwell (the company’s recently appointed national thermal fluid specialist) explains, Fulton isn’t a name many have considered when specifying thermal oil systems. Until now!

Fluke – With a 14.5cm LCD touchscreen, the Fluke TiX Expert Series takes Infrared Cameras to a whole new level

With a full 180° articulating lens and 14.5cm touchscreen, the new Fluke® TiX520 and TiX560 Infrared Cameras allow thermographers to easily navigate over, under, and around objects to preview and capture images. The new Expert Series cameras are ideal for predictive maintenance, in R&D, oil and gas, and utility applications, where flexibility and higher resolution are essential, and they enable users to share their data in real time via Fluke Connect™.

The responsive 14.5cm LCD touchscreens of the TiX520 and TiX560 offer a large viewing area, which enables thermographers to quickly identify issues while still in the field, as well as easily edit images directly on the camera, eliminating time in the office. SuperResolution mode boosts resolution four times, so the normal 320 x 240 pixels resolution of the images captured increases to 640 x 480 pixels, revealing even greater detail. Optional telephoto and wide-angle lenses add versatility to meet a wide variety of applications.

Low Energy, Low Temperature Liquid Source Evaporation

Many industries require a liquid source to be converted into a homogenous vapour. Traditional methods have involved either bubbling a carrier gas through the liquid source whilst precisely controlling the temperature and pressure, or directly introducing the liquid source onto a hot surface or plate. The former is extremely reliable, well-proven and offers high repeatability/reproducibility once the controlled process parameters have reached steady state. It is, however, less suited to applications where step changes in concentration are required, where fast switching on-off is required or where multiple liquid sources need to be introduced through one, single evaporation system. Furthermore, this system requires a large volume of potentially hazardous liquid to be housed in a pressurized (glass) container close to the application – often not ideal in highly populated laboratories. The latter has benefits as a highly simplified system however the temperature required for evaporation is much higher, the energy consumption is extremely high and variable control of flow rate/concentration can only be achieved on long cycle times.

Rittal’s TS 8 enclosure system

In 1999, accompanied by the slogan “infinite possibilities”, Rittal launched its TS 8 enclosure system. Today, with over ten million enclosures manufactured so far, the TS 8 bayed enclosure has become established as the standard for many industries worldwide.

Key success factors of Rittal’s TS 8 include its high level of flexibility and efficiency, high quality and safety standards, as well as its availability worldwide. The TS 8 enclosure is used in 92 percent of the world’s 1,005 branches of industry and has thus conquered nearly every industrial market within 15 years.

Starret – Support for WorldSkills

Competitors in the WorldSkills Competition represent the best of their peers and are selected from skills competitions held in member countries and regions. The technical abilities demonstrated both individually and collectively to execute specific tasks are rigorously tested and measured and, as a proud sponsor of the competition, Starrett has supplied a set of measuring equipment that contestants and mentors can use to check and prove their abilities.

A global hub for skills excellence and development through international co-operation and development between industry, government, organisations, and institutions, WorldSkills promotes the benefits of and need for skilled professionals through grass-roots community projects, skill competitions, and knowledge exchange. It highlights how important skills education and training is for youth, industries and society by challenging young professionals around the world to become the best in the skill of their choice.

Pole Mount Enclosures Now Available From ROLEC

Plastic enclosures designed specifically for pole mounted electronics are now available from ROLEC.

Its technoPLUS range features a dedicated bracket for horizontal or vertical mounting on poles, masts and other street furniture.

ROLEC technoPLUS enclosures have been built to withstand exposed outdoor locations. They are rated to IP 66 (IP 67 optional) and moulded from UV stable ASA Luran (UL 94 HB).

Each enclosure is pre-moulded with screw ports for the mounting bracket so no machining is needed. They can be installed ‘lid closed’ to help protect the electronics inside.

Modular MAG system from Johannes Hübner Giessen: breathing space for design engineers to customize encoder solutions

The specialist for robust encoder and drive technologies Johannes Hübner Giessen now offers its bearing-free magnetic encoder series MAG as a modular system. The flexible mechanical design makes it possible to individually adapt the encoder system to the installation situation on-site at customer applications. That not only facilitates tailor-made solutions, but most of all it offers a huge amount of design freedom. Design engineers as well as mechanical and systems engineers are now able to implement encoder solutions in situations where it is not possible to use standard encoders. For instance, it is possible to design extra slim encoders for confined spaces or with additional wide magnetic tracks for applications involving large axial shaft movements. “Most importantly, the safety and reliability of our encoders is decisive”, emphasizes Thomas Brandenburger, head of technical project management at Johannes Hübner Giessen.

Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd

For more than 25 years Kecol has been the leading UK manufacturer of pumps and priming systems for the transfer of viscous materials in the food pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Kecol has introduced a new follower plate system for use with all its priming systems, which incorporates an inflatable wiper seal to wipe the inside walls of a drum clean during pumping. Manufactured from FDA approved materials, the inflatable wiper system is suitable for drums with different internal diameters, including tapered drums and drums with liners. As well as the standard system, Kecol can manufacture bespoke inflatable wiper seal systems to suit almost any size of drum or vessel. The system can also be added to existing Kecol priming units (Maxiprime, Powerprime, Megaprime etc.).

Munters optimises climate conditions for hydrotheraphy pool

Munters have created the perfect indoor climate conditions for a special needs schools swimming pool.  Hillside Primary School in Cumnock, East Ayrshire provides the local community with education and support for children with severe and complex care needs including access to their hydrotherapy pool.


Independent waste management company Cleansing Service Group (CSG) has underscored its eagerness for growth by announcing its fifth business acquisition in two years.

Just a few weeks into 2015, the company has confirmed it has acquired part of the business and assets of Tradebe Refinery Services (TRS) based at Sandycroft, North Wales, and formerly known as Willacy Oil Services.

Willacy, founded in 1989, is a specialist in petrochemical tank cleaning and oily sludge treatment and recovery systems.

Advanced decoupling protection for renewables offers easy set up and safe grid connection

The new VMD460 Interface Protection System from Bender UK makes it easier than ever to set up advanced decoupling protection for the critical link between renewable power electricity generating equipment and the National Grid.

S&S Plastics Ltd

S&S Plastics Ltd based in Kirkby-in-Ashfield wants to encourage more young people into manufacturing.

The company which started from a one-man operation in Ilkeston in 1989 now has a workforce of 70 and a turnover of £4 million.  We are supplying over 30 different industries which include Agriculture, Medical, Electronics, Plastic Critical Bearings and many others.