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Doepke – HVAC equipment: Electrical installation safety

Electrical Distribution Faults – Making the right decision about existing wiring In 2012-13 20% of fires in non-residential premises, were attributed to faulty electrical equipment and their supply cables1. To see how easy it is for an electrical fire to start, refer to the bottom of Doepke Home Page “How RCDs prevent fire” Electrical specification, inspection and maintenance plays a key part in “Site Safety”, especially when planning to update or install new electrical equipment containing inverters.

De-ionisation Air Knives reduce costs and minimise rejects

Dust contamination is a huge problem in many areas of industry – especially where the product needs to be painted, decorated or laminated. Rectifying dust problems can have very large associated costs.

With operating cost savings of up to 70% and 50% greater efficiency compared to competitive solutions, Air Control Industries’ ‘De-ionisation Air Knives’ offer major benefits to users across industry. In addition, there is the resulting significant benefit of fewer rejects due to surface imperfections on finished products.

Dry air for high quality, hygiene and productivity

By precisely controlling air humidity, Munters desiccant dehumidification systems optimise conditions in production, storage and transport for pharmaceutical process.

It is widely acknowledged that in many situations “prevention is better than cure”. This is no truer than when controlling humidity levels in pharmaceutical production, where excess moisture in the air can have a significant impact on productivity, quality and hygiene.

Innovation in Quality Assurance: IR thermometer with automatic snapshot function

optris® CSvideo 2M and CTvideo series video pyrometers for visual process documentation

Trigger function with automatic snapshots

Temperature management is a key factor in industrial quality assurance. The digital infrared thermometers with video module optris® CSvideo 2M, optris® CTvideo 1M/2M and optris® CTvideo 3M come with the free optris® Compact Connect software, which is the optimum solution to this requirement. The built-in trigger function enables the automatic generation of snapshots at specified intervals (time-controlled) or upon reaching defined limit values (temperature-controlled).

Added benefits from size of sliding gate valves – Added benefits from size of sliding gate valves

Sliding gate control valves are easy to handle, compact, light and extremely precise. They provide accurate, fast and economic control of liquid, steam and gaseous media. At the heart of all sliding gate valves are two slotted discs, sliding across and against each other and forming a seal. One of them, the sealing plate, is permanently fixed in the valve body perpendicular to the direction of flow and has a certain number of transverse slots. The second disc, aligned so that it cannot rotate, has the same slot arrangement and moves perpendicularly to the sealing plate, thus changing the cross section of the flow. The pressure difference acts on the moving disc, forcing it against the stationary disc. This provides the seal in the sliding gate valve without the need for a metallic seat.

Smart vibration switch – Monitoring, display and recording of vibration values in one compact field unit.

New developments in vibration monitoring from sensor specialists ifm electronic are spearheaded by the VNB001, the first in a new line of compact yet powerful vibration sensors. For continuous online monitoring of machine condition, the VNB001 measures and displays the average vibration velocity (mm /s or in /s). Not only can a system such as the VNB001 help maintain reliable operation, but also monitoring by vibration severity to ISO 10816 can avoid unplanned down-time and costly consequential damage. Overall vibration velocity can be measured as peak-to-peak value (highest speed achieved or rms value (root mean square) amount of vibration energy, usually between 50…80% of peak amplitudes : the VNB001 offers both, with the default setting as rms. The measuring range in(mm/s) of the VNB001 can be set up to a maximum 500 and measurement values v peak or v rms  are in the ranges  2…1000 Hz (0…500 mm/s)   or 10…1000 Hz (0…50 mm/s), making the VNB ideal for machines with speeds between 120 and 600 rpm.

All-in-one safety gate system for PL e safety and efficiency

Pilz is launching the PSENsgate 2 safety gate system that combines safety gate monitoring (for prevention of unexpected startup), safe guard locking (to prevent access while hazards are present), various control elements, an emergency stop pushbutton (E-stop) and escape release (for personnel who become trapped in the hazardous area) all in one system, up to the highest category PL e as per EN ISO 13849-1 (BS EN ISO 13849-1 in the UK).

FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi Sensor solution makes data logging universally accessible

Salisbury, UK – 7th August 2014 – Corintech has today launched FilesThruTheAir™, a new comprehensive environmental monitoring solution combining advanced WiFi sensors with a remote Cloud-based data logging service. Measuring temperature and humidity, data logged on FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi sensors is universally accessible from any Internet enabled device through the FilesThruTheAir ™ Cloud-based monitoring platform.

Pressure Calibration validates Gauge Accuracy

Pressure calibrators may be handheld or bench instruments that contain pressure pumps and transducers internally or externally, and can measure and/or generate voltage, current and temperature, explains Barry Atkins, managing director of independent test equipment expert PASS Ltd.

Mydax CryoDax

With over two decades of experience and refinement of low temperature chiller / heater systems, Mydax has designed the CryoDax series of chillers to provide power and reliability for industrial temperature control applications.
With a temperature range of -70°C to +150°C available and cooling capacities from 2kW up to 15kW @ -50°C, the CryoDax series of chiller systems can meet the most demanding requirements. Temperature stability of ±1.0°C is standard with tighter stability specifications available.

New Website Features Makes Replacing Obsolete Automation Parts Easier

Northern Industrial’s website recommends replacements for obsolete parts and enables users to compare features Blackburn, Lancashire, 16/09/2014 – Leading automation supplier Northern Industrial have integrated some useful new features to make it easier for users to replace obsolete automation parts. So far, over 30,00 parts from a wide range of manufacturers have been matched with equivalent and follower products.

LOTO feature for Process Heating

Injury countermeasure awareness needs to be raised

There is really no excuse for exposure to unguarded heating process equipment which endangers factory and plant workers. Barry Atkins, managing director of test and inspection experts PASS argues that not enough is being done to raise awareness about injuries and how they come about.

asecos – the One-Stop Solution to Safe Storage

The increasing amount, variety and complexity of hazardous materials in the workplace makes the need for their secure storage ever more pressing to avoid the risk of fire or explosion.

UK First for Fast Track Product Approval

Cranage EMC & Safety has launched a new service for UK manufacturers with an ‘urgent need’ for product approval in North America and has extended its facilities to provide a ‘fast-track’ alternative to CSA and UL approval.
In partnership with QPS Evaluation Services, Inc, a Certification Body based in Toronto, Canada, and fully accredited in both Canada and the USA, a team of around seventy engineering professionals are engaged in supporting Cranage EMC & Safety in the testing and certificationof products against American (UL standards) and Canadian (CSA) standards. Based on a formal agreement with QPS, Cranage has been authorized to carry out the following product approval activities on behalf of QPS for the North American market:

Industry Experiences Surge in Demand in Combining Safety Valves with Bursting Discs

A global leading company providing fire, explosion and pressure relief solutions is alerting companies to the substantial benefits gained from complimenting Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) with bursting (rupture) discs to further guard and enhance pressure relief systems in the process industries.

Keithley Programmable Power Supplies Offer a Step Up in Precision, Speed, and Sensitivity

CLEVELAND, OH – August 5, 2014 – Keithley Instruments, Inc., a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, today introduced the Series 2280S Precision Measurement, Low Noise, Programmable DC Power Supplies. Unlike conventional power supplies, Series 2280S power supplies are also sensitive measurement instruments with the speed and dynamic range essential for measuring standby current loads and load current pulses that battery-powered wireless, medical, and industrial devices produce.

Gas Detection from Past to Present

Testing for gasses has come a long way since the days when Victorian miners would take a canary down a mineshaft as an early warning indicator of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, methane or carbon dioxide.

The 19th Century scientist John Scott Haldene investigated mine explosions, which spurred him on to experiments with animals. He demonstrated that canaries show signs of distress when breathing in carbon dioxide.

This led to the Coal Mines Act 1911 which made it mandatory to use canaries in mines and surprisingly, this practice continued in Britain until 1987 by which time more sophisticated methods and testing equipment had been developed.

Stand 7B280 TRANSWAVE Converters – Where were you in 1984?

If your memory needs a jog, 1984 was the year Virgin Atlantic took its inaugural flight whilst Sony and Philips released the first commercial CD player. Band Aid was formed and Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” was on its way to selling 37 million copies. In January of that year two other great innovations hit the market. Whilst Apple released the very first Macintosh desktop computer, Power Capacitors Limited launched the TRANSWAVE Converter ® to facilitate the use of 3-phase machinery where only a single-phase electricity supply is available. Operation of Woodworking and Engineering machine tools has accounted for over 60% of all converters sold in the period 1984-2014.

Is your business harnessing the potential of barcode temperature technology?

   UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics (TME), is advising process engineers and managers to harness the potential of barcode temperature technology to improve their temperature testing and monitoring regimes. “Combining barcode technology with high accuracy temperature testing is definitely the way forward,” argues, MD, Tom Sensier. “Among the many benefits for business and industry are improved flexibility, speed of measurement and data integrity.”


Nottingham. SIGMATEK, one of the leading manufacturers of complete automation systems for industrial machines and plant building, has opened a new branch office in Great Britain. English machine and plant builders can now be served quickly and locally.


A former world record-breaking weightlifter and founder of an innovative health and safety business, which has revolutionised manual handling training, has been recognised as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2014.Davy Snowdon, Founder and Managing Director of Oxfordshire-based Pristine Condition, has been awarded an MBE for the business’s contribution to health and safety awareness and training in industries across the length and breadth of the country, and the significant reduction in workplace accidents as a direct result of their efforts.


An innovative new service has launched,designed to help manufacturing businesses buy and sell CNC machinery with complete confidence and ease.

The website is an easy-to-navigate online auction system for buying and selling CNC machine tools in the UK and Europe, with a location set up in the United States to cater for the global market.

West Control Solutions’ CAL Thermostats enhance plant efficiency

West Control Solutions has launched the CAL Thermostats family, a range of easy-to-use temperature thermostats that improve performance and efficiency for food and beverage manufacturers. With a simple menu and a compact, high ingress protection-rated casing, CAL Thermostats offer precision monitoring of temperatures within ovens, fryers and refrigerators.

PASS awarded UKAS Accreditation for Calibration Laboratory


Barry Atkins: “PASS is now accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.”

  • PASS Gains ISO/IEC17025 Calibration Laboratory Accreditation
  • Calibration available at the calibration laboratory or customer premises

World’s first vertical resist stripping line installed St Neots, Cambridgeshire, 30th June 2014:

For immediate release Photofabrication Limited, the Cambridgeshire based chemical etching company has today announced the installation of the world’s first vertical resist stripping line at its St Neots manufacturing facility. During the fabrication of metal components through a wet process, resist stripping is the final procedure where photoresist films are removed from a substrate without leaving residues.

Doing anaerobic digestion well

Ahead of UK AD & Biogas 2014 (2-3 July, NEC Birmingham), the UK’s only trade show dedicated exclusively to anaerobic digestion and biogas, ADBA has put together a series of ‘How to do AD well’ guides designed to help those involved or looking to get involved in AD to make key decisions on building and operating AD plants.

Doing anaerobic digestion well

Ahead of UK AD & Biogas 2014 (2-3 July, NEC Birmingham), the UK’s only trade show dedicated exclusively to anaerobic digestion and biogas, ADBA has put together a series of ‘How to do AD well’ guides designed to help those involved or looking to get involved in AD to make key decisions on building and operating AD plants.

Explosion-proof is not the same as intrinsically safe

Ensuring that a device is explosion proof is obviously not as good as stopping an explosion in the first place, but not everything can be made intrinsically safe, particularly in the case of electric motors. In the case of test instrument enclosures there are significant differences, explains PASS managing director Barry Atkins.

Safe Systems of Work for Confined Spaces must come before Rescue Training

Andy Richford, confined spaces and breathing apparatus specialist at PASS Training, contends that training for confined spaces needs to concentrate not only on Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) but also on self-rescue procedures and putting measures in place to avoid the need for having rescue teams placed on standby in the first place.

Help JSP Celebrate 50 years of award-winning head protection at Safety and Health Expo 2014

Join in the celebrations on Stand P2150 at the Safety and Health Expo at London Excel on 17-19 June as JSP marks 50 years of ‘Manufacturing for Safety™’.

 JSP® is delighted to be giving live, interactive demonstrations of:

  • Face-fit Testing of a number of JSP’s respiratory protective devices using FFRED, the new HSE RPE demonstration model.
  • Performance testing of JSP’s new Premier Shield™ and Hardia+™ lens coating technologies for its protective eyewear.

Industry experts to speak on hot ethical topics at Professional Clothing Show

Three prestigious industry speakers will share their expertise, insights and passion for hot ethical, social and environmental topics, such as Fairtrade cotton, closed loop recycling and sustainable procurement, immediately after the first ‘Pro Show Live’ catwalk show on both days of the Professional Clothing Show. 

StocExpo 2014 Spans the Supply Spectrum

StocExpo, taking place on 18-20 March 2014 at Ahoy Rotterdam, is set to be the biggest event of the year for Europe’s terminal operators, oil companies, traders and regulators. StocExpo offers a major conference, plus a wide array of industry leading exhibitors, spanning the supply spectrum.


Over 20 leading authorities in the European tank terminal industry have been confirmed to speak at StocExpo, taking place on 18-20 March 2014 at Ahoy Rotterdam. The paid-for three day conference, designed to help operators adapt to the changing market and prepare for the year ahead, will span everything from emerging transport fuels to finance and from shale to cyber security.