Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP)

A HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) study is a tool designed to allow a team to identify and highlight deficiencies and shortcomings in the design and operation of industrial plants. It will
enable design teams (and others) to predict where failures in systems might occur, and proactively take action to mitigate any risks prior to project implementation.


Independent waste management group CSG plans to “significantly increase”  the volume of incinerator Air Pollution Control (APC) residue it treats after developing new technology at its specialist hazardous waste handling facility.  The company’s newly installed process for treating the hazardous residue means the corrosive materials can now safely be taken to landfill.

The EA-permitted process, which has undergone a 12-month trials programme, has gone into operation at CSG’s facility at Cadishead, near Manchester, where the system was developed.APC residues are the product of processes used to control air pollution and capture heavy metal emissions and neutralise acid gases at incineration facilities.


Avancer UK are pleased to announce a range of new products from the World Leading Automation Products Manufacturer Autonics of South Korea.  Used throughout the world in leading automation systems integrators and manufacturers.

UK Sales director Mike O’Keeffe.(pictured) said “we are so very pleased with the Autonics Range of products and the opportunities they give us, their quality and prices offer us a price performance ratio many can only dream of”

Heraeus Infra-Red Heating System Helps in The Manufacture of Auto Glass

An infra-red heating system from Heraeus Noblelight helps precise seal adhesion at Dura Automotive Systems

A fast response medium wave (FRMW) infra-red heating system from Heraeus Noblelight is helping Dura Automotive Systems of Castle Bromwich to ensure the reliable and precise adhesion of molded thermoplastic sealings to custom-designed, automotive glass windows. The system is located in a robotic cell and integrates exactly with the robot cycle.

Internet of Things … “straight out of the box!”

Remote Telemetry Units

Wireless Sensor Systems

Instant  Dashboards

Filtower – Stand Alone Filtration System.

ESTA’s newly designed FILTOWER Series is ideal for filtration of welding fumes, fine dusts or oil mists where at source extraction is either not possible or efficient. The Filtower can be used anywhere that direct extraction is not possible (large work pieces that involve constant changes in work location). The Filtower can be easily maneuvered and repositioned quickly and easily using a forklift or crane.

For instant gas analysis in the field – Agilent 490 Micro GC

Designed to provide maximum flexibility and ease-of use, the Agilent 490 Micro gas chromatograph offers fast and precise analysis of on-line and off-line gas samples anywhere and is available as both portable and laboratory systems.

The portable configuration can be used for measurements at natural gas pipelines and metering stations, field perimeter monitoring and multiple drilling locations. No flammable gases are used so the analyser can be used in environments where operational safety is critical.

Whitford announces worldwide management change

April 2016, Elverson, PA. Whitford Worldwide, manufacturer of the world’s largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings (nonstick and decorative) for industrial and consumer industries, has announced a change in its worldwide management structure.   At a recent Board of Directors meeting, Anne Willis was unanimously elected to the positions of president and chief executive officer of the worldwide company.

The AC-ROV 100 Underwater Inspection System

Are you responsible for marine and underwater facilities and assets? If so you need to be able to respond to any and every need for an underwater inspection. It could be a routine inspection or for some sort of emergency. In all situations the requirement is a visual appraisal of an underwater target. Only when you have an idea of any issue can you plan the appropriate action or actions. So the best tool for first pass underwater inspection is the tool that can be mobilised quickly and easily. The AC-ROV 100 is that tool.

KGA Enclosures

KGA Enclosures provides a range of off-the-shelf  colour anodised extruded aluminium enclosures, in various lengths and profiles. Our cases are used in electronic applications both for prototyping and production. We can customise the cases and end plates with holes, slots and graphics.

KGA is UK based and we hold a large stock of enclosures, end plates and accessories including dovetail mounting flanges and TPE end caps.


A project focusing on fabricating high efficiency LEDs in cubic Gan is being undertaken by Plessey, Anvil Semiconductors and the University of Cambridge, grown using Anvil’s 3C-SIC/Si substrates. Cubic GaN could solve the common problems associated with using conventional LEDs caused by strong internal electric fields, which impair carrier recombination and contribute to efficiency droop. This is particularly true for green LEDs where the internal electric fields are stronger and are beleived to cause a rapid reduction in efficiency at green wavelengths known as “the green gap”.

Fluke 279 FC Thermal Multimeter integrates two test tools into one to increase productivity

Thermal imagers are invaluable to help quickly troubleshoot electrical equipment, panels, and transformers but electricians and maintenance technicians often do not have access to one when they need it. Fluke has introduced the 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter, the first test tool to integrate a full-featured true RMS (TRMS) digital multimeter (DMM) with a thermal camera in one device to speed troubleshooting. It is also a member of the Fluke Connect® family of wireless test tools.

Protect your investment with Rupture Disc and Safety Valve Combination

Rupture discs and holders are commonly used in combination with pressure relief valves (PRVs). Even though rupture discs can be used on their own, the benefits of using both are making this solution a popular choice in the process industries. Not only can this combination extend valve life, it can also improve maintenance schedules and support with emission control, while helping to reduce long-terms costs. 

AOD® Air Operated Diaphragm Pump –Flow Rates 3.5 L/hour to 50 m3/hour

Patented Oil-Less stall free design a great utility pump, wherever air is available you have a solution to pumping applications.

  • Stall-Free Design- Our “Posi-Shift” tandem spool air distribution valve insures reliable operation in all types of low pressure and start/stop applications. Fewer parts and no Orings, result in easier maintenance.
  • Oil-less operation- No metal to metal wearing surfaces. Stateof-the-Art materials and precision manufacturing techniques combine to provide the original and completely oil-less design. -No oil misting into the environment -No unhealthy work conditions -No Oil/ Grease or lubricants to contaminate your products. Oil-Less Design results in lower operating and maintenance costs. This Air Valve design has been Field-Proven, working trouble-free since it’s introduction 20 years ago.
  • Air Valve- The Air-Valve can be quickly and easily maintained with minimal downtime.

CERTUSS Warmetechnik

When Hans Joachim Schroder founded his company CERTUSS Warmetechnik GmbH in 1957, his primary goals were to manufacture reliable, low-noise Steam Generators, easy to maintain and for continuous operation. These objectives formed the basis of a successful company, which is now operating world-wide.

The concentration being on a clearly defined product line, systematic research, development and a highly trained team of professionals, which enables equipment production of the highest standard aligned with a Certified Quality Management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

GA Pet Food Partners

When Roger Bracewell purchased his tractor driven extruder in 1992 to turn the wheat grown on his family’s farm into a simple dog food, little could he have imagined that, 25 years later it would employ 350 people over two sites, and export their goods throughout Europe and beyond.


Powder coating specialist Thermaset Limited has completed the overhauling of its business infrastructure with the installation of an integrated computer system linking all departments for enhanced efficiency and communication.

The new upgraded technology is the first stage in a major capital investment planned by the company to include the redevelopment of its research and development facilities to accommodate a training school and showroom facility. More development details will be announced later this year.

Perceptive Engineering launches their advanced Operator Training Platform

PerceptiveOTP is an affordable training tool, capable of providing an excellent real-time simulation of evaporator and spray dryer systems and their control.

PerceptiveOTP is based on an empirical model of the client’s actual process, so it accurately reflects the variety of non-ideal characteristics that challenge operators on a daily basis.  This provides a unique and robust environment in which to learn the fundamentals or hone new skills.



Autonomous Solar-powered Highway signs and billboards are now a reality thanks to Morpheus technology developed by Eco FutureLab . The Patented innovation is based on a unique and patented process  for a winning combination of invisible photovoltaic cells, Power Storage  and printed film Light .

Great design freedom. Ultimate fire resistance. Limitless architectural possibilities.

A whole new level of expression… Exceptional quality, the most modern processes and trend setting decors – these are the hallmarks of each and every one of FunderMax’s products. However, with demand for creative and durable facade solutions ever higher, they have recently raised the bar further – reinforcing their already substantial portfolio with an innovative, fire resistant HPL – m.look.


At Magnetrol International, the focus is on the future of radar level instrumentation innovation – and best-in-class guided wave radar and non-contact radar performance that can knock out all your level control application challenges.

25 percent space and cost saving offered with push-in rail mounted terminal block

A DIN rail-mounted terminal block, some 30 percent smaller than its rivals, is suitable for all conductor types while offering additional safety capacity. Direct insertion of wiring provides safe, reliable termination of connections and is far quicker to use and less labour intensive, than screw-type connectors and stud-type connector blocks. It also provides the market’s most extensive range of jumpers and the fastest marking system, reducing marking time by 75 percent.

HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series Explosion Proof In-line Hydrogen Process Analyzer

The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series uses a solid-state, non consumable sensor that is configured to operate in process gas streams. The H2scan thin film technology provides a direct hydrogen measurement that is not cross sensitive to other gases. The HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 Series is ideal for applications where real-time, hydrogen specific measurements can enhance process plant efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management.

World’s First Astronaut Whiskey Glass

The world’s first whiskey glass suitable for use in outer space has been developed with the help of a leading prototyping company.

Ogle, which is based in Letchworth, was asked to create a model which would withstand rigorous testing suitable for use beyond the earth’s atmosphere.
Ogle’s stereolithography (SLA) machines – a form of 3D printing ¬– were used to create the precise specifications needed for the microgravity friendly object.

Controller saves space by packing enhanced functionality into a smaller footprint

A new programmable DIN-rail mounted controller (PLC) from WAGO has a smaller footprint than its predecessors while providing enhanced functionality for seamless process automation. Available in three variants, the smallest of which measures just 50 mm wide, the PFC100 offers a compact and attractively priced control solution for a wide range of industrial applications. The controller is designed exclusively for e!COCKPIT, WAGO’s new intuitive engineering software suite, greatly simplifying the installation process and enabling systems to be brought online faster.

Virtually pulse-less flow removes the need for pulsation dampeners

The unique multi-diaphragm arrangement of Hydra-Cell metering & dosing pumps from Wanner is claimed to remove the need for pulsation dampeners in many circumstances.

Hydra-Cell pumps from Wanner have multiple, hydraulically balanced diaphragms in a single head, that operate sequentially, dramatically reducing system pulsation and the damage it causes. The cost of additional pulsation dampeners, along with ongoing costs of charging and maintenance is avoided in many instances and systems become more reliable.

One-Touch Away from Simplicity

One-Touch Away from Simplicity

Wixroyd, a leading brand in the engineering components industry, has a new tool free fastening solution. “One Touch” fasteners work on a simple combination of pin-and-receptacle to attach fixtures, plates, machine covers and more, joining components with moderate clamping force.

One-Touch fasteners help increase productivity by reducing set up times, eliminating errors in assembly and installation and simplifying procedures. Users whose applications required regular disassembly/assembly, or frequent changes of set up or reconfiguration of production equipment would benefit from the efficiency of One Touch Fasteners, these include; food manufacturers, pharmaceutical assembly lines and bottling plants.