New Hydra-Cell Multi-Function Metering Controller

Product Announcement from Wanner Engineering, Inc

The exclusive new “Control Freak” electronic controller provides motor speed control for Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions pumps (or Hydra-Cell bare shaft pumps in metering applications) with an easy-to-use color touch-screen display.  This state-of-the-art technology provides optimum speed control based on your desired flow and pressure ratings, calibration and batching programs and…

Safe production areas whenever, wherever – whatever

From a misplaced paint pot to a machine oil leak, from rainwater ingress to solvent spillages, accidents are inevitable; how you respond is not.  Kärcher solutions -including its new all-inclusive Just Add Water scheme – provide safe, effective floorcare maintenance and spillage control.

Whether recovering grinding dust or tackling swarf, collecting rogue cable clippings or fallen nuts, bolts and washers, Kärcher’s robust industrial vacuums are specially designed for tough environments.   Reliably picking up dry debris and liquids – even coarse and abrasive materials, hot, sticky, acidic or alkaline solutions – these steel constructed units are suitable for engineering, foundries, food production and the automotive industry.

Bixolon Launches the SPP-R310 Mobile Printer Solution.

Bixolon Launches the SPP-R310 Mobile Printer Solution.

The global leading mobile printer manufacturer announces the launch of the SPP-R310. The super compact, ergonomic three-inch receipt, ticket and label printer with Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and Serial connectivity options.

Yilmaz UK Ltd Successful First Year

Yilmaz Logo

We would like to thank all of our customers who have helped us to achieve success in our first year of trading. Your continued support will help us to realise our long term goals. European industrial gearbox manufacturer Yilmaz Reduktor has manufacturing plants in Turkey and Germany. Yilmaz UK Ltd is an assembly centre for all standard product ranges. Please visit www.yilmazuk.co.uk for further detailed information on the Yilmaz product range. Contact us now for a cost effective solution to all of your gearbox requirements! 

The Answer to Faster Tee Nut Insertion

Think how your business would benefit from a faster application of Tee Nuts – the SIGMA Tee Nut machine delivers you those improvements in speed, costs and quality. Nottinghamshire based firm JET PRESS are the sole UK supplier of SIGMA Tee nut machines and have the expertise to provide the machine that is right for your business. 

New ultra-slim permanent magnetic brake

SG Transmission has launched an ultra-slim, high torque, permanent magnetic brake with a brake field depth of less than 13mm.

The design team at the British manufacturer of clutches and brakes, designed the brake specifically for a robotics manufacturer where length was restricted and footprint size limited.

The ultra-slim brake has been developed by using extremely high energy permanent magnets to obtain its high torque in a small space. The brake has a small outside diameter and a brake field of less than 13mm, with a comparatively large bore through the centre for the application’s drive shaft.

New Developments for ambitious Valve Manufacturers Bifold as they launch their new initiative The

Bifold Store is one of Bifold Group’s newest initiatives, incorporating their preferred range products with the emerging online market and the global acceleration of e-commerce. The preferred range includes a variety of the valves which Bifold Group provides with 48hr despatch. The range includes:
Ball and Needle Valves, Check and Exhaust Valves, Flow and Volume Valves, Pilot and Mechanical Valves, Solenoid Valves and Medium Pressure Valves.
Bifold Store is a way in which Bifold can offer a selection of products to you online, therefore creating a much more accessible and easy service. The Bifold Store has filter services such as ‘type of valve’ and ‘price range’ to make it easier to distinguish and locate products and navigate around the store.

Proam Water Quality Monitor

Proam Water Quality Monitor

The Proam monitor is installed throughout industry to provide continuous water quality measurement for process control and discharge compliance. The analyser is manufactured by Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd, a leading UK instrument manufacturer providing the complete measurement solution including bespoke engineering. The instrument identifies in real time, unacceptable events to reduce pollution from product loss or spillage and optimise treatment, saving on operational costs.


Hydratech is a specialist formulator and manufacturer of advanced process cooling fluids, heat transfer fluids, inhibited antifreeze, glycols and pipework system protection products.

A key objective since formation in 1998 has been the establishment of technical B2B partnerships with those responsible for plant design, installation and operation to ensure system optimisation, improved efficiencies and a reduction in costs and downtime.

KGA Enclosures

KGA Enclosures provides a range of off-the-shelf colour anodised extruded aluminium enclosures, in various lengths and profiles. Our cases are used in electronic applications both for prototyping and production. We can customise the cases and end plates with holes, slots and graphics.

Aerolite™ – Europe’s lightest best performing bump cap on the market with air flow technology

The HardCap™ AeroLite™ from JSP is the latest addition to the PPE specialist’s range of bump caps designed for work environments where there is a risk of impact between the head and stationary objects.

The new bump cap, designed by JSP’s in-house Research & Development team, features a full high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell, so the wearer is protected not only from impact to the front and top of the head but also from scrapes to the side of the head. This significant increase in protection has not been gained at the expense of comfort: the HardCap™ AeroLite™ is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. In fact, at under 135g, the cap weighs about the same as a typical standard-sized smartphone – and it’s just as cool and stylish.


HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – has announced the dates for its latest series of free webinars, which take place on 13th – 14th June 2016.

Offered exclusively by the HBM Academy, the informative seminars have been designed to fit in with challenging time constraints which can often make attending relevant training courses difficult.  Covering aspects of strain gauge measurement and the professional analysis of measurement data, the first seminar, ‘Assess and Minimise Measurement Uncertainty for Strain Gauge Measurements’, takes place on June 13th at 2pm. 

A Continuous Improvement” in Wastewater Treatment

H+E first started business in 1932, designing wastewater treatment plants for industrial applications. Since then many thousands of plants have been built for clients across the world. However, rather than just congratulating ourselves we prefer to focus on the future and work on the basis of “Continuous Improvement”, constantly “nibbling away” at the detail of each design to ensure that the next plant built is a little better than the previous one.

Steelcoat Protection On Runcorn Bridge Cable Stays

Winn & Coales Denso Steelcoat 400 System is being used to protect the cable stays on the Runcorn Silver Jubilee Bridge over the Mersey, giving a longer life than the previous paint coatings, with a subsequent saving on labour costs. The peak height of the bridge is 86m and the longest cable stays are 45m. The Steelcoat System consists of: Hi-Tack Primer, Hi-Tack Tape, uv-resistant Ultraseal Tape, followed by a final two coats of acrylic topcoat.



Building on the success of its original Octane SDD Series for the TEAM™ EDS Analysis System, EDAX Inc., a leader in X-ray microanalysis and electron diffraction instrumentation, has announced the addition of a new series of Octane Elite SDDs to its existing portfolio of detectors


Bowman International’s expert team of engineers has developed a bespoke bearing test machine, providing an in-house facility that can determine bearing capabilities and provide fault analysis for plain bearings.


Thermaset - logo-04There’s more to powder coatings than meets the eye and, according to one of the UK’s leading players in the market, customers are increasingly looking at the quality of technical advice, the range of available finishes and a first class colour matching service.

KD420 Modbus Sensor Interface

The KD420 HIGH SPEED MODBUS / 4-20MA INTERFACE from KK Systems allows any 4-20mA or voltage output sensor to appear as a Modbus RTU slave on an RS485 multidrop bus.

The sensor value is presented in a set of Modbus registers, concurrently in several formats which include 16-bit integer, 32-bit IEEE floats, and floating point textual strings.

Future Energy Solutions calculates the perfect lighting solution for Computacenter

One of the true success stories in British IT history, Computacenter was formed in 1981 during the early days of personal computing by two entrepreneurs, Philip Hulme and Peter Ogden. Such was the interest in what the company had to offer that by 1983 it had achieved a turnover of £1.5m. Having always strived to exceed the expectations of its customers, in 2012 Computacenter received the highest satisfaction rating in a KPMG survey of UK IT service providers and their customers, coming top for customer satisfaction and innovation.

Computacenter is proud of its status as Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services. It advises organisations on IT strategy, implements the most appropriate technology, optimises performance, and manages its customers’ infrastructures. In doing this it helps companies maximise productivity and the business value of IT for internal and external users.


Food grade lubricants manufacturer ROCOL® is making it even easier for food manufacturing and processing teams to improve efficiency and reduce downtime across their production facilities by introducing online training to its ROCOLcare® lubrication management programme.

From this month, ROCOL is making the entire ROCOLcare training programme, developed over 30 years, available online to help maintenance engineers keep their lubrication management knowledge up to scratch without sacrificing valuable time on site.

Heavy Current Busbar Systems Ap-proved for use on Board Ships

The safe use of electrical equipment on board ships brings with it particular challenges.

It’s an area that Rittal continues to invest in, not least to ensure its systems function effectively under the test conditions which are required by the marine industry.  

New Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyser measures both electrical and mechanical performance of electric motors

Measuring mechanical loads typically requires load sensors that can be costly or physically inaccessible. The new Fluke® 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyser uses innovative algorithms to analyse not only three-phase power quality but also torque, efficiency and speed, to determine system performance and detect overloaded conditions, eliminating the need for motor load sensors.


Introducing the very latest in weighing technology, HBM – market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the arrival of its new PAD series of digital transducer electronics.


Leading filter manufacturer, Croft Filters, has introduced a new self-cleaning filter to the UK market through its partnership with Danish filter housing specialist, HiFlux Filtration.

Designed specifically for applications where an automatic continuous cleaning process is required, the robust filters are suitable for most liquids including lubricating oil, bitumen, petrol, paint and waste water.

Wireless Hart Solutions from Phoenix Contact

Standardised nearly 30 years ago, HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is the most broadly supported protocol in the world for the process industry. HART was originally developed as a way to make analogue process measurement devices “smarter” by superimposing digital data on a 4…20mA signal loop.

Utilizing the advantages of sliding gate valve technology in highly corrosive applications

Sliding gate valves also available now in special materials

Sliding gate valves provide accurate, fast, and economical control of liquid, steam, and gaseous media. The following are the main advantages of these control valves:

A New Generation of Time-Synchronized Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring

Lately, by dint of the continuous development of civil engineering field, structural health and preemptive fault detection have become a matter of concern. Hence, BeanAir, with its brilliant team of engineers, has been developing different Wireless Sensor Networks devoted to such applications: