Centurion launches Nexus – where safety meets style

Above the neck PPE specialist Centurion is proud to announce its latest innovation – the Nexus range of safety helmets, which launches this month.

The range’s flagship model is the Heightmaster, an EN 12492 approved Working at Height Helmet that offers safety and the ultimate adaptability within a sleek, stylish shell.

Techsil launch M.G. Chemicals’ Electronics Adhesives and Coatings Range in the UK

Specifically designed for electronics production and design, the range includes some of this industry’s most popular products such as: Thermally and Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesives; Thermal Management Compounds; Protective Coatings including EMI/RFI Shielding, Conductive and Conformal Coatings; Encapsulating and Potting compounds including Optically Clear; High Temperature and Flame Retardant Epoxies.


ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched its new Warriorâ YardFeed 200 portable wire feeder, which provides remote control of the voltage and wire feed speed at the feeder, including the ability to pre-set wire feed speed. The Warrior YardFeed 200 joins the MobileFeed 301AVS and MobileFeed 201AVS, both launched last year, to provide a complete line of portable wire feeders compatible with ESAB’s Warrior 400i, CC/CV and Warrior 500i CC/CV power sources. All feeders deliver premium feeding performance, especially with the cored wires common in construction, field repair, railcar, ship and barge building.

Award winning Force 8 TM Half mask now available in 3 sizes

JSP Ltd has introduced 3 sizes for their popular Force 8 TM Half mask to ensure the perfect fit globally to guarantee optimum protection. JSP’s award winning mask complete with Press to CheckTM filters has revolutionised daily face fit-checking and is the perfect choice for both males and females all over the world.


Velden Engineering have recently made a significant investment in the UK’s first automated busbar production  facility to cope with increased demand for copper busbars and to ensure their customer’s requirements for rapid response is met. The purchase of an Ehrt Professional CNC punch machine with automatic gantry loading allows production schedules to be loaded directly from ERP and a full nesting suite optimises material usage and reduces waste. In addition, an integrated laser part marking machine allows automatic marking of every component, with batch number, part number or logo, therefore improving traceability and adhering to all quality standards without any additional labour input.

LOBO Energy – Valero Energy Oil Refinery

Valero acquired the Pembroke refinery in South West Wales in 2011, marking Valero’s entry into the European refining market. Opened in 1964, the refinery is one of the largest, most complex refineries in Western Europe. It makes products including gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and petrochemical feed stocks.

The Future of Automated Manufacturing

Automating the manufacturing process is about increasing capacity without increasing headcount, by taking labour cycles our of the design or production processes. Using a combination of software integration skills and unique software platforms, like product configurators (CustomX and Configurator360), cloud based solutions (Fusion360) and integrated CAM software (Hypermill and Autodesk CAM) we have a powerful solutions set the can increase efficiency throughout the manufacturing workflow.

Contract Business Development Services – Technically Complex Products

Sales and Marking support chargeable by the hour.
Seeking new Clients for short or long term contracts.
Experienced Technical Sales and Marketing Professional

David Hoare sales and marketing established in 1996 provide business development services on a contract basis, typically working one or two days per week for clients wishing to expand their business within the engineering sector.

Protecting Industrial Engines & Equipment From the “Start”

In today’s economy, the skyrocketing costs of industrial equipment purchase, maintenance and repair makes the case for maximizing the life of capital machinery investment.  Couple high cost with the stresses of continuous-duty industry and the importance of equipment performance is paramount when time is money and money is time!

GIGAVAC INTRODUCES NEW HIGH POWER CONTACTOR  Hermitically Sealed for Safe Reliable Switching 

Carpinteria, California ‐GIGAVAC announces the latest addition to their line of patented switching devices, the  HX460. This new hermitically sealed, HVDC contactor redefines the term high power switching by bringing massive power switching capabilities in a compact package. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the  hermetically sealed GIGAVAC HX460 joins GIGAVAC’s line up of other sealed switching products including High Voltage Relays and EPIC® sealed contactors. 

AB2000 Ltd, Machinery movement and factory relocation services

Have a piece of factory equipment which needs moved or a new tank or machinery to install?  AB2000 lifting department offers a fully comprehensive “lifting & shifting” service to many areas of the process & maintenance industries.

Our skilled and dedicated lifting team are capable of moving everything from high value machinery to complete factory relocations.  We will visit your sites to enable full and comprehensive planning and assessment of each job.  Full detailed quotations, insurance, method statements, risk assessments and lifting plans are provided for each project.  All of our staff are CPCS qualified.  AB2000 are audited and approved by RISQS, Link-up, Exor, UVDB and FORS as well as Network Rail.

High Horsepower Quintuplex Diaphragm Pumps Launched

Wanner International has launched a new range of Hydra-Cell. Seal-less, high horsepower, quintuplex diaphragm pumps that it claims eliminates the expense associated with seals and packing, leakage, external lubrication, and emissions.

Compressor Shaft Durability Test Rig

Mecelec Design has designed & supplied a test rig that simulates & test the durability performance of the shafts used within our customers compressors. The test rig consist of a tooling plate on which various compressor shafts can be mounted using interchangeable tooling. The tooling can then simulate the various rotational speeds, torque ripple characteristics & end loads that the compressor shafts are likely to see in operation & which are set out by our customers test specifi cations. The tooling also consist of devices for monitoring the applied end loads, compressor shaft torque etc which are then fed back to the control system.

Bio mechanics study proves Pristine Condition MH training reduces risk factors for injury by up to 94%

An independent bio-mechanics study, recently conducted in conjunction with Tesco Distribution, has revealed ground breaking results. The purpose of the study was to objectively and technically measure the manual handling risk reduction when applying Pristine Principles across a number of key Tesco Distribution Centre manual handling tasks.

TVR Instruments have added to their range of DC UPS units with the introduction of the CBI2801224A dual voltage 12 or 24V DC@ 280W

The CBI2801224A has a power capacity of 280W at either 12 or 24V DC output. The dual voltage output allows great flexibility in design and installation. The input voltage of 115/230V AC matches all industry standards. With automatic battery management, requiring nothing more than selecting the battery type via jumpers, the CBI2801224A offers unrivalled flexibility.  With MODbus and temperature compensation featured as standard the unit provides further scope for increased use in many applications.

Elfab launch first range of products for the Tank Protection Market; Flame Arresters & Breather Valves

With over 80 years manufacturing experience, Elfab can now offer customers a higher service level by enabling customers to source a wider range of products from one supplier. Specifically designed for the tank protection market, both Flame Arresters and Breather Valves offer additional safety relief protection joint with significant cost and performance benefits.

Surge on uptake on Cloud based MRP.

Statii has recently seen a significant increase of companies signing up to their cloud based MRP Software. A specialised software created for engineers, by engineers.  Supporting small manufacturing Companies looking to get control of costs and managing margin appears to be high on their priority list.


ESAB today introduced the Rebel EMP 215ic, a 120V-230V, CC/CV welding system that offers true multi-process arc performance, location flexibility, lightweight portability and a groundbreaking operator interface. A unique sMIG (“smart MIG”) function enables users to begin MIG welding – with an extremely stable arc – just by setting metal thickness and wire diameter. Unlike competitive units, there is no need to enter information for shielding gas mix.

New Buggy Filling & Weighing Booth

Hosokawa Micron Ltd announce the launch of a new ‘twin, buggy filling and weighing, containment booth’, designed to handle safe, easy and accurate FIBC filling.

New safe, reliable, cost-effective SPX FLOW Pumps for transfer of hot oil and hot water

SPX FLOW is a leading manufacturer of pumping solutions. Its new CombiTherm Plus pump provides safe and reliable transfer of hot fluids without the need for additional, external cooling systems. The pump is available in two configurations suitable for the pumping of hot oil or hot water and provides an exceptionally efficient and cost-effective pumping solution.

Research any emerging technologies with PatBase Express – the world’s innovations revealed

Research any emerging technologies with PatBase Express – the world’s innovations revealed 

Motion Drives and controls limited

Motion Drives and controls limited

For a Power Transmission Solution that works…

Permanent magnetic clutch offered by UK manufacturer

SG Transmission has designed and manufactured a permanent magnetic clutch for a global, medical device manufacturer, replacing the need for a brake and clutch saving money and weight.

We develop electronic products from concept to manufacturing

At Ricco we provide individuals and organisations with a complete electronic’s design and mechanical design capability in which to develop their customised electronic products. Whether all or parts of these elements of the electronics design, design of enclosure, electronics prototyping, apps development, testing, certification and manufacture are required we have all the skills, experience and resources at hand to successfully undertake your project.


Brescia, July 2016 – Represented by its American branch, O+P – a global leader in the hydraulic hoses equipment industry – took part in the ASSE Safety conference and exhibition event held from 26 to 28 June. At the event, a global safety showcase, OP introduced its Stopflex system, a retention system for pressure hoses.
Designed in-house at its Brescia premises and patented internationally, Stopflex allows retaining the movement of the pressure hose once the fitting is removed, thus fully protecting the operators and safeguarding the components.

Climavent complete Dust Extraction installation at wet wipe factory

Climavent have completed the installation of a Centralised Dust Extraction System for their customers’ new, state of the art manufacturing facility in the North West.  

Bespoke Valves for Loch Eilde Mor, Scotland

Nestled amongst the hills of Kinlochleven in Scotland a large new development is underway to build a 5MW hydro-electric scheme. The importance of hydroelectricity is ever growing and Scotland have put a number of programmes in place to increase their output of hydroelectricity in order to support the electricity supply for local communities. Not only does hydroelectricity save on natural resources, reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases it is also a reliable and continuous source of energy unlike wind energy.