One supply connection for robots

Exchangeable unit supplies robots with pneumatics, fluids and electronics

MULTILINE E and the exchangeable unit for supplying robots with power and media: The MULTILINE E is a unique modular system for individually configurable and robust multiple couplings and multiple media connections.

Aluminium Cutting with XL package

Specifically for cutting aluminium the BEHRINGER EISELE GmbH with the VA-L 560 NC2 has designed a sawing system that sets new standards. Both in solid material as well as in pipes and profiles with sophisticated cross-sectional geometry, the powerful machine scores with unparalleled high output.

A story of success – the HBM 540A

With the HBM540A Behringer presents a fully enclosed, flexible high-performance bandsawing machine.

Based on its only recently fully re-engineered automatic HBM440A, Behringer is now presenting an addition to this high-performance machine series. The model addresses the most stringent requirements in terms of its appealing modern design and also of its superbly engineered functional characteristics. The band saw is ideally suited for the economical and precision cutting of a wide ranging variety of solid materials, pipes or profiles made of metal. In a cutting range of 540 mm in round material and 630 x 540 for squares, the HBM540A saws effortlessly and at high speed and can be used with either bimetal or carbide saw blades.

The consistently modular structure of the HBM540A guarantees a permanently high standard of quality in all the components as the sawing unit, material clamping unit and feed unit are pre-assembled separately as part of a flow assembly sequence.

An interesting feature of this machine, for example, is the facility to tilt the saw frame towards the operator, which considerably simplifies saw blade changeover. And an additional benefit for all those needing to saw an increasing amount of square or sectional material: The modular structure of the machine permits considerably simpler implementation of a saw blade incline up to 4° for the manufacturer. The machine designers attached particular importance to reducing not only cutting times but also cycle times. The result of these and other improvements are higher quality cutting results in a substantially shorter time.

The feed gripper ensures trouble-free transportation of the material to be cut, even when working with uneven stock, bundled material or heavy forgings, as the fixed gripper jaw is also moved by the material on the return stroke of the feed carriage. The material is always ideally clamped, as the clamping jaws are able to move in accordance with the material width. A standard feed gripper length of 500 mm is provided, although this can be optionally extended to 1500 and 3000 mm.

The feed gripper can be moved close up to the saw blade, allowing cut off lengths to be reduced by around 50 per cent. The gripper is mounted on linear guides and positioned by means of a frequency-controlled drive system. A vertical clamping unit can be optionally mounted. This is mounted in front of the gripper jaws and covers the entire cutting area. This offers a particular benefit when sawing layers or bundles.

The machine is equipped with generously dimensioned hinged doors which afford simple access for cleaning or maintenance work. This represents a particular benefit when changing the saw blade. The sawing unit of the HBM540A is also manufactured from a single cast frame, meaning that the machine is extremely torsion resistant even under the most extreme blade tensioning forces. Two self-adjusting chip brushes on either side of the saw blade clean it of adhering chips during the machining process.

The overall machine concept of the HBM540A was designed for trouble-free carbide capability, meaning that not only the drive system but all the relevant components have been adjusted for the use of carbide blades. Carbide saw blades offer an interesting alternative to bimetal, in particular when considering the time factor as part of the sawing process. The cutting output is many times higher, which makes a major difference to the machining times. The higher chip volume produced when working with carbide saw blades is directed into a generously dimensioned chip conveyor.

The HBM540A shows itself to be a true specialist when it comes to the sawing of aluminium. High drive output levels and cutting speeds ensure outstanding results in terms of performance, precision and surface quality. In addition, special rollers designed to cope with high speed levels guides are integrated right from the design stage to guide the saw blade for aluminium sawing. A number of supplementary functions in the machine’s electrical control system, for example the reduced speed at the start of machining on first penetration into the material, ensure perfect cutting results with aluminium every time.

A self-explanatory, graphic-supported control system paves the way for convenient and at the same time easily understandable sawing machine operation.




The Next Generation Peristaltic Cased Pump with Intuitive Touch-Screen Technology

Modular and Flexible Secondary Packaging

Dividella develops secondary pharmaceutical packaging solutions and systems, for vials, ampoules, syringes, pens, combination packs, medical devices, blisters etc.

Schwer Fittings

Schwer Fittings Ltd started in Warrington in 1994, twenty years later as an established and still growing company, the UK branch continues to improve, innovate and, most importantly, manufacture.

Recent improvements include expanding into the adjacent building, provision of an updated trade counter, purchase of new CNC machinery and a bending machine.

Measure the smallest and the tallest with one device

Revolutionary technology for level and volume measurement in the food and beverage industry

VEGA introduces the first contactless radar level sensor for liquids that operates at a 80 GHz frequency. Contactless radar technology is known for its immunity to temperature, pressure, vapours or surface conditions, but previous devices had larger antennas and restricted measuring capability.

Measuring, Controlling, Monitoring – on highest Leve

Temperature-Relays and Sensors Monitoring of Current, Voltage and Phase Controls for Suction Plants Relays for Frequency and Speed Measuring-Transducers

HSM next generation integrated CAM for Inventor and Solidworks users

When it comes to integrated CAM, Man and Machine alongside Autodesk is committed to delivering solutions to the broadest range of users, from designers and engineers to veteran CNC programmers, regardless of their CAD tool of choice.

ASCO expand Stainless Steel Filter Regulator range with addition of a compact offering

Boasting the highest flow rates on the market for its size, the ¼ in stainless steel regulator is ideally suited for the control of process actuators.

Security appliances with integrated switch- Even more secure and more cost effective

There is currently a great deal of discussion about the issue of cyber security and its optimisation and businesses need to take steps to defend themselves and their plant.

Innovative Ultrasonic Testing Device for Maintenance 4.0

The new SONAPHONE extends the product range of the ultrasonic specialist SONOTEC with a digital ultrasonic testing device including touchscreen technology. This device for preventive maintenance is a hit with users thanks to apps that are intuitive to operate and opens up new domains of application in connection with innovative sensors.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment Guaranteed to Hit Capacity Targets

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA – Processors face difficult challenges when handing dry bulk materials. Unlike a gaseous or liquid systems, the characteristics of dry material changes as it passes through valves, piping bends, and equipment resulting in capacity loss. To help processors mitigate the risk of lost production, Hapman offers a performance guarantee on our bulk material equipment or complete system designs. From sack unloaders and feeders, to flexible screw conveyors and hoppers, to drag conveyors and lump breakers, to vacuum conveyors and point-of-use dust collectors, Hapman has the broad-range of material handling equipment to support processors across industries.

Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL)

SSDL specialises in the design, development, and integration of hard disk, floppy-disk and tape drive hardware emulators for legacy systems.  We are also flash memory distributors for SanDisk, Innodisk, APRO, Transcend and other flash technology leaders, to the defence, industrial, telecommunications, and process control markets.

New product launch from SEEPEX

In 2016 we have improved our dosing pump offering with the launch of a Smart Dosing Pump (SDP).  This comprises a progressive cavity (PC) pump with an intelligent drive and controls.  Users only need to input the proportional flow ratio and the pump monitors and adjusts automatically.


KAMAT has developed the “Ship Hull Crawler”, a system for automated cleaning and paint removal for ship hulls, tanks and other steel structures.

The Ship Hull Crawler is specially developed by KAMAT for cleaning and removal of paint from ships, tanks or other large steel surfaces. The Crawler is hold by magnets and maneuvered by a remote control, allowing to remotely control also the rotating nozzles. The system is designed for high pressure water blasting with pressures up to 3000 bar.

The IGAsorp DVS analyzer from Hiden Isochema

The IGAsorp is a fully automated compact bench-top dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) analyzer, for fast and accurate sorption measurements using the dynamic flow technique for water and organic vapors.

The measured vapor uptake and kinetics are used to characterize and understand materials in precisely defined environmental conditions.

In a class of its own – the compact new mitre-cutting bandsaw HBE320-523G from Behringer

Opening up new fields of business, extending the performance spectrum or replacing an old machine – these are among the most frequent reasons given by users for investing in an up-to-date, more efficient mitre sawing machine. With its newly presented model from the HBE series, BEHRINGER is offering the perfect way of combining the benefits of modern high-performance machines for one-off sawing tasks with the solid, tried and tested characteristics of a classical mitre saw.

New Lighting Rental Scheme aids Cash Flow

Using LED lighting with the latest in lighting management systems, it is now relatively easy to achieve 50% to 80% energy savings on most projects with these energy savings paying for the systems and installation.

The key is sTraighT

Despite their individuality, cylinder locks are also mass produced articles that need above all one thing for their assembly: the shortest possible cycle time. The Weiss linear assembly system ls280 not only provides enough space for the many process steps, but also features a technology related to indexing tables that changes work pieces considerably faster than conventional transfer systems.

New intelligent LED lighting battens are the SMART choice for engineering and manufacturing environments

LED Eco Lights has added SMART Sensor technology to its Goodlight™ G5 LED battens, allowing the luminaires to be grouped and respond intelligently to a building’s lighting needs.

G5 SMART LED Battens replace traditional fluorescent lighting in car parks, warehouses, schools, leisure centres, hospitals, corridors, public buildings and other areas and can reduce lighting energy bills by up to 65%.

Measuring, Controlling, Monitoring – on highest level

Temperature-Relays and Sensors Monitoring of Current, Voltage and Phase Controls for Suction Plants Relays for Frequency and Speed Measuring-Transducers

How do I quickly test compressed air purity without waiting for the return of lab results?

Conventional air quality testing can get ever more complex depending on the level of testing required and the methods used. The time taken to set up traditional sampling membranes, run the test, remove and send them away for analysis can result in disruption to normal operating conditions and a corresponding high service cost.

Worldwide Industrial Mixer Manufacturer

JR Boone Ltd is the UK’s largest Industrial mixer and blender manufacture for over 150 years in production. Leading the field of mixing and blending machine technology, our success is due to the un-president knowledge, expertise and technology, which are passed on to our customers on their production line

EFACS E/8 adapts to the world of hazardous chemicals

Vickers Laboratories is a family-owned, UK-based company, making a wide range of chemicals for markets including primary and secondary education and pharmaceuticals, plus specialist niches like monitoring, measuring and contact lenses. Due to some products being classified as dangerous goods, the company has to work in a highly regulated environment and its IT system has to conform to this.

New marketing Guides help engineers reach technical audiences

Industrial marketing specialists, The Product Marketing Company (TPMC), have published two new marketing guides written specifically for engineers who are marketing to technical audiences.

The comprehensive guides have been written with the aim of shedding light on to areas of marketing that are particularly powerful for marketing technical products and services.  Engineers are very bright people, however when it comes to marketing they typically sceptical and often don’t know where to begin or where to concentrate their efforts.

High Horsepower Quintuplex Diaphragm Pumps Launched

Wanner International has launched a new range of Hydra-Cell. Seal-less, high horsepower, quintuplex diaphragm pumps that it claims eliminates the expense associated with seals and packing, leakage, external lubrication, and emissions.

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