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High Speed High Volume Production Innovation – It’s time for a rethink.

SK Wiring Products Ltd is one of the World’s premier Thermocouple cable manufacturing companies; supplying the temperature measurement market globally.  Our mission is to be the primary choice supplier for the Thermocouple, RTD and specialist cable products industries.  SK’s R+D department is constantly looking for ways to break with the traditional mentality of cable makers and to bring new high speed high output machinery into our production environment; benefiting our customer base with improved delivery times and higher quality products

Low output from glass lapping machines has been an issue for a number of years, although the accepted wisdom is that there are physical limits to the speed with which you can rotate glass fibre yarns, the knowledge behind that accepted wisdom is dated.  SK decided to look at the problem using new knowledge and technology.

CrazyMill Cool Ball Z4 A Milling Cutter for perfect surface finishing in Stainless Steels & Co.

The Swiss Cutting Tool manufacturer Mikron Tool presents a new 4-flute Finishing Milling Cutter with shank integrated cooling, available in the diameter range of 1-8 mm, for milling depths of up to 5xd. This milling cutter is suitable for machining all materials up to a hardness of 54 HRC, focusing on stainless steels, titanium, heat resistant alloys based on nickel and chrome-cobalt-alloys. Hence it is not surprising that these tools are especially convincing with highest performances when working with these materials. All characteristics of the new milling tool are designed to reach highest milling performance as well as best surface quality. Primarily, this means that due to poor heat conductivity of stainless and heat resistant materials, overheating of the tool cutting edges must be avoided. Several factors are instrumental.

Drive Productivity with real-time Attendance Recording

Autotime Solutions provides the latest cloud-based Time & Attendance for manufacturers of all sizes, with a low cost monthly fee.

Key features include real-time absence alerts, emergency muster reports, remote enrolment and automatic timesheet population for streamlined payroll.


Corroserve is a member of the Corrosioneering group, which works closely with its sister company Corrocoat, to provide an industry leading selection of corrosion protection and engineering service. Working together with our research and development division Corrolabs, we provide the ultimate one stop shop for our customers.

Hart comes clean                                   

This Speedor, manufactured and installed by Hart Door Systems, has been fitted in a pharmaceuticals production wash-down area facility in Cambridge.

Saving with more performance.

Richard Chambers is internationally recognised for his products, which are either unique or the best in the world, covering most areas in industry and transport, and also private areas..

VarioCAM® HDx – The x-factor in thermography by InfraTec

For all those who want to take the next step in thermography, there is a complete package with infrared cameras of the premium class together with efficient thermography software for just 14,950 Euro plus VAT available. With VarioCAM® HDx InfraTec introduces an additional performance variant of uncooled microbolometer cameras, based on high-performance detectors in (640 × 480) IR pixels format and fast interchangeable lenses in proven Jenoptik quality. It is aimed primarily at price-conscious users with universal measuring, testing and monitoring tasks in many sectors.

Industry 4.0 cables & wires for automated production

Flexibility, efficiency and digitisation. This is industry 4.0 – the current subject of German manufacturing industry. Due to the complete linking and communication on all levels of the production process considerable amelioration with regard to productivity and flexibility may result.


At Clarity we understand engineering and bring a LEAN MINDSET to communication and branding. This ensures we can deliver the brand you deserve, eliminating waste and helping to drive value through your business. We get your people on board too, critical to the ownership and pride of the


Bentley Motors has been recognised as a Top Employer for the seventh consecutive year, reflecting the company’s investment and focus on personal development, future talent and employee conditions.



Our success in the pumping of Primary and Humus sludge is based on the fact that we approach sewage sludge as a chemical mixture, which varies greatly from site to site. Since sewage is in constant contact with the rubber parts of any Pump, these parts must cope with a combination of mechanical fatigue and chemical attack. There are different types of Valves used in Energy Diaphragm and Ram Pumps. These Valves are commonly known by our own trademark of ‘Bullfrog’ Valves. Flap Valves are also available, but are only truly reliable on aqueous solutions. We also manufacture Ball Valves, which will pass sludge provided that there are no rags, sticks, disposable razors, etc.


Following on from a successful buyout by Scientific Measurements Pte Ltd in 2017, Eurolec Instrumentation has enjoyed significant investment in equipment, infrastructure and marketing.

Atom Consultants

Atom Consultants are a multi-disciplined Consulting Engineering & Project Management Practice based in Edinburgh, with offices in Dornoch, Leeds and Canterbury. Originally as Thomson & Partners we were established in 1995 and have grown to become the leading Food Factory Designer in Scotland.

Seikis ystems

Seiki has been specialising in digital manufacturing solutions since 1992, so we understand the importance of connecting the right data with the right people to make informed decisions. We also know that optimising the productivity of manufacturing resources is critical. That’s why we recommend companies look to the shop floor first to understand the tangible and quantifiable benefits of digitalisation.

Management changes at Hart Door Systems

Hart Door Systems, the Newcastle upon Tyne-based global supplier of advanced industrial door solutions has appointed Dan Ward as general manager, operations, and Callum Hamilton as manager, site operations.

Avoiding the pitfalls of prioritising cost over quality

The importance of having new technologies available while at the same time keeping costs down was one of the key outcomes of a survey undertaken by Sandvik.  In recent years, since the global economy has been challenging, those responsible for sourcing stainless steel may have been tempted to try and make budget savings by purchasing cheaper materials. Inevitably this will often prove to be a false economy in the long run and could result in costly operational failure in some cases. Here Hans Boudewijn, Regional Sales Director for Sandvik, discusses the survey findings and gives his advice on the key areas to consider when purchasing stainless steel.

Putting cleaning at the heart of sustainability

When we consider the food and beverage industry, it’s one which continues to see growing demand, placing a pressure on producers themselves to meet heightened targets and do so with finite resources. But from carbon emissions through to waste, operators within the industry face an array of ambitious sustainability targets, placing the subject at the top of the agenda.

Got MODBUS? Then get instant access to the Internet of Things

If your product or equipment already has Modbus, then the NanoULTRA from Caption Data gives you the immediate ability to join them to the Internet of Things. From single units to 1000’s of units, with on line & real time control through the CDL SmartHub™

Easily identify electrical panels with just one printer

The BSP41 Wire & Panel Identification Printer can efficiently identify electrical panels because it can print rigid identification tags for all major terminal block and component brands. The new printer enables you to quickly offer insight into how an electrical panel is connected for future maintenance and improvement projects.

Wiseman Threading Tools Ltd

Wiseman Threading Tools Ltd. has been supplying threading tools and gauges since 1987.This is all that we do, so we consider ourselves to be specialists in this field.

Glasdon Launch Steel Citadel™ Industrial Cabinets and Enclosures

The new versatile Citadel range by Glasdon, offers a cost-effective solution to the secure housing of equipment for a variety of industrial applications. Available in five industry standard sizes, the cabinets can be supplied with or without vents for IP56 rated protection.


HATTEM, THE NETHERLANDS – One of the world’s major producers of hydrated alumina (AL[OH]3) is TOR Processing & Trade B.V., a branch of TOR Minerals International ( From its specialty mineral processing plant in Hattem, TP&T refines and ships hydrated alumina in bulk bags for applications such as flame retardants and fillers for laminates, solid surface, ceramics, plastics and composites.

Best Value Solutions for Process Flow Measurements

Liquid flow measurement in Process industry applications can present varied and challenging requirements and Micronics has had 35 years of experience in providing cost-effective and reliable solutions for applications in various industries including Nuclear Power, Dairy, Food Processing and the Semi-conductor industry.

Chicago Pneumatic ATEX Certified Impact Wrenches!

The CP6748EX, ATEX certified (94/9/EC and 99/92/EC) and IP6 rated, industrial duty ½” impact wrench. Designed with ATEX classification I M2 / II 2GD c IIB 85°C X, to provide a higher level of protection against accidental ignition of flammable gasses and dust in both above and below ground environments. It combines the benefits of ATEX safety with efficiency, ergonomics, and advanced design to provide a tool for use in hazardous areas which is unmatched in the industry today.  With an ultimate torque of 1,085Nm and 1,200 blows per minute, this ATEX wrench will meet or exceed the industrial/heavy maintenance operations’ needs in the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, and processing industries.

Stocking up on specialist bearings

Specialist supplier of miniature bearings, SMB Bearings, has introduced a new range of 316 grade stainless steel ball bearings to its catalogue. These have been specially selected for customers with applications in harsh environments, which the bearings can withstand due to their marine grade stainless steel construction.