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Horne Engineering Ltd

For over 100 years, Horne Engineering Ltd has pioneered the development of thermostatic control technology using steam and hot water for a variety of applications: rapid (steam) heating of vented storage vessels, temperature control of steam calorifiers, temperature-controlled process water and non-storage hot water wash-down.  Industries utilising these technologies include food and drink production and processing, brewing, dairy, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production and also packaging manufacture.

Chemical Plant Commissioning course Wednesday 3 – Friday 5 July 2019

Chemical Plant Commissioning is a 3 day course dealing with the commissioning and start-up of both large and small process plants. It will cover many aspects including the planning and managerial aspects of major plants, the start-up of small plants with an emphasis on the technical problems and also dealing with the documentation associated with commissioning. The course is accredited by the IChemE.


Founded in 1983, Cygnus Instruments is a UK-based market leading manufacturer of simple, accurate and robust hand held ultrasonics.

The Cygnus 6+ unit is designed for the Engineer who needs to take quick, accurate thickness measurements.  This hand-held UT thickness gauge is perfect for testing levels of wear and corrosion on a vast array of industrial machinery, factory infrastructure, boiler tubes and pressure vessels.  This gauge has been rigorously tested to military specification; drops from height (onto concrete), extreme vibrations, extremes of heat and cold will all be shrugged off by the unit – which is also completely environmentally sealed to IPX7 (water) and IP6X (dust).

Emerson introduces the TopWorx™ HART 7 protocol

Emerson introduces the TopWorx™ HART 7 protocol, which allows you to gain access to critical operational data as well as diagnostic information for your automated on/off valve package. TopWorx´s powerful and easy to use HART 7 solution incorporates intelligent features and a robust 4-20mA signal to help you lower operating costs and increase plant availability. Advantages include: quarter turn valves and indication, indication for pneumatic actuators, ON/OFF valve indication and control.

3 Tips to Boost Warehouse Efficiency

At the heart of every successful manufacturing business is a warehouse operation that runs smoothly and efficiently. Warehouses play a critical role in the supply chain; where goods and products are accurately dispatched to customers and supplies are received for the manufacturing process. Lean warehouse operations are critical to business success and are a significant influence on the business’s bottom line.

Tips for Sourcing the Best Warehouse Flooring Solution

If there is one certain in manufacturing, it is that the flooring of your warehouse facility takes quite a pounding. It must be reliable, hard-wearing, abrasion resistant and provide adequate traction to keep up with the demands of your busy operation. So, how do you choose the best warehouse flooring for your business? Here are four tips, to get the best flooring solution for your operation.

When to Use Motorized Impellers

Motorized impellers, also known as backward curved impellers, are designed for applications that require high airflows in a small package. Motorized impellers maximize heat dissipation to extend the operating life of electronic components and systems. Motorized impellers work in a broad operating temperature range, and they are available for both AC and DC motor applications. These impellers are ideal for air filtration and ventilation systems, networking systems, and for cooling electronic and telecommunications cabinets.


Gainsborough Engineering’s range of vertical form fill and seal machines are based on a modular concept in which the frame size is determined by the bag size, the optional components are then selected by the user enabling them to achieve maximum flexibility in choice of machine Requirements to match specific needs.

Maintenance made simple with ShireSystem.

ShireSystem’s leading maintenance and facilities management software helps you to gain control of your assets, maintaining visibility across your business and locations and keep on top of work orders, maintenance and teams.

Custom Filters – Made in Britain

Croft Filters Ltd, based in Warrington England, have been supplying custom filtration and separation solutions for over 32 years. Throughout this time Croft has developed a reputation for their quality, bespoke service through manufacturing a variety of products for a range of different industries including: Chemical, Oil, Gas, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage amongst many others worldwide.

Lifts All – The complete package for any workplace

The unique feature of the Lifts All weightless handling system is the Bal-Trol balancer – It is a single-acting pneumatic powered cylinder which lifts up to 600 kg.

The lifting height is adjusted to the demands of the user. Standard is 1,5 metres, up to eight metres can be delivered.

Lee Spring DIN-Plus Series Available from Stock

Lee Spring offers an extensive selection of DIN-Plus compression springs from stock and available for immediate delivery. This series helps to meet the increasing global demand for metric designs with the added benefit of excellent corrosion resistance. The DIN-Plus Series is offered in two standard DIN Series types, DIN2098 Part 1 and Part 2.

BEC Distribution limited

BEC can help “design-out” substandard components and replace them with newer, improved alternatives. As a result, buyers and designers should find a distribution partner like BEC that can offer a wider choice and expertise to help them with these challenges. In addition to technical support, BEC can also provide samples and design kits (often FOC).

The Challenges of Accurate Interface Measurement

Interface or multiphase level measurements exist throughout the oil & gas streams as well as petrochemical. While level measurement technologies have come a long way in effectively measuring liquids and solids, multiphase level measurement continues to be the biggest challenge and opportunity that exists today to which there is no perfect technology. However, experience has shown that process optimization and increased uptime can still be achieved in many separator applications through reliable, best-in-class, level technology.

MEAN WELL 60 Watt Medically Approved External Multi Headed Adaptor now available from Ecopac Power

The GEM60I is a 60 watt wall-mounted adaptor supplied with four interchangeable plugs for the UK, European, US and Australian markets.

The GEM60I series are wall-mounted adapters that can be plugged directly into mains outlets without using an additional AC cable thereby saving costs and with a more efficient use of space. These MEAN WELL 60 watt medically approved power adaptors all meet the requirements of 2xMOPP, BF type patient contact medical equipment, low leakage current at less than 100µA, DoE Level VI and ErP efficiency regulations (12~48V).

Sales Manager – Top Salary + Benefits – Excellent Career Prospects

Reporting to Sales Director

Oliver Valves have been trading for 40 years as world-wide market leaders in the field of high pressure valves, and our objective is to double our turnover to £100 million in four years.

We are recruiting a Sales Manager, reporting to our Sales Director, who is able to close sales and lead, grow, train, develop and motivate our Internal Sales team.

Scraper Bridge Success

Standardisation of scraper bridge design is key to Jacopa’s successful initiative to ensure that the company’s popular range of robust, reliable scraper bridges provides customers with the best possible value for money.

The company’s experts have invested significant time and effort into ensuring that costings for all of the range of standardised options are in place, enabling quotes to be prepared in an extremely timely fashion. The costings, at metre increments, support a wide range of standardised equipment including four types of scum removal systems, sludge blanket detection and torque monitoring equipment, standstill detectors and electrical overload protection.

Advances in Process Automation and Control 2019 – help lead the conversation

Spend three days with leading figures from industry and academia as you consider best practice and emerging technologies in process automation and control.

Advances in Process Automation and Control 2019 will give attendees a forum to share learning and experience and to create their own effective and sustainable professional networks.

The conference will provide a focus for promoting learning and practice in the application of IoT technologies, big data analytics and machine learning in the process manufacturing sector and an opportunity to develop professional networks for new entrants into the field.

Attendees will go home equipped to deliver the most effective use of automation technologies at their workplace and to take advantage of the potential and promise of ‘smart manufacturing’ in the process sector.

This conference will be an unbeatable opportunity to learn about the future role of automation in our industry, to share your insights and to explore the implications of the explosion of data, technology and innovation that’s coming our way.

The closing date to submit abstracts for presentation at the conference is fast approaching – don’t miss your chance to lead the conversation about new technologies, new solutions to old problems and the new challenges faced by the process industries.

Find out more about the conference and the call for papers:




Heatsense’s manufacturing capabilities cover a broad range of specialist high-performance thermocouple and signal cables that operate in extreme environments. The company is regarded as a technology leader in fluoropolymer extrusion.

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd have announced the launch of their plastic recycling unit to be installed at its Haydock facility in Merseyside, which will be operational later this month.

The company, which are a supplier of recycling boxes and food waste bins and caddies to local authorities, describes themselves as a “plastic injection and extrusion moulded product manufacturer”. Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd are part of the Coral Products Plc group which includes, Global One Pak ltd, Interpack Ltd and Tatra Rotalac ltd, all members of the group will be utilising the facility, in the upcycling of their plastic PP and HDPE plastic scrap and waste.

Piping and Equipment Analysis for Process Plant Design

Process Plant piping and equipment designs are becoming increasingly sophisticated making it more challenging to include the appropriate engineering of necessary piping systems and equipment with a wide array of different technological, mechanical, and safety requirements to comply with. PSRE (Piping System Research & Engineering Co.) offers a complete solution for engineering of Piping Systems and related equipment including engineering consulting and the PASS Software Suite. 

Product developments for water and water based liquids

For 2019 the KOBOLD Group continues a program of pragmatic instrument development with enhanced editions of the class leading MIM electromagnetic flow meter, introduced earlier in 2018, will soon feature a range or connection sizes from ½” to 2”, and a remote version for process temperatures up to 130°C.

Sensor Centre introduces the LBKSystem, the World’s first SIL2/Pld radar based safety system.

The LBKSystem detects the presence of humans & can give a pre-alarm in order to avoid the sudden stopping of machinery.

Trizo Ltd – Contract Electronics Manufacturer Investing in New Technology

Continuous investment in new technology is key to success.   With this in mind, Trizo Ltd has commissioned an additional surface mount pick & place line; IINEO II+ and 3D Automated Optical Inspection technology.  This investment is the result of successful growth in business since relocating to bigger production purpose-built facilities in Bridgwater during December 2015. 

Inflatable Welding Enclosures provide low cost Argon Gas Shielding Environment

Welding applications within industries such as the Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing and F1 Racing as well as Medical, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductors and any other company that need super clean welding joints, have a requirement for absolute cleanliness and smoothness of surfaces, ensuring each weld is mechanically stable and free from oxidation.

More Protection for Louvered Filter Fan Kits

Orion Fans low-cost louvered filter fan kits, louvered guards and filters, protect against dust, dirt and moisture from entering industrial, electrical and electronic cabinets, prolonging operational life and reducing maintenance costs. Orion’s louvered filter fan kits are now available with easy access slide and hinged louvered guards for rapid installation and replacement of filters. Assembled filter fan kits are IP55/56 rated while all louvered guards are IP54 rated and feature standard UV protection. Orion Fans’ new line of reusable specialty air filters offer low pressure drop, water resistance or fire protection and can achieve up to an IP68 and Type 12 rating. Works with LFG series snap-on, LFGS slide or LFGH hinged louvered guards.

RK MonoLine linear units – the new efficiency class

To complement its range of linear units for the medium load range, RK Rose+Krieger has launched a new series with the RK MonoLine.

Initially released earlier this year in sizes 40, 80 and 120, the range will soon be extended to include size 60 and will therefore be available in sizes 40, 60, 80 and 120 – either with a timing-belt drive (Z) or without a drive as anti-vibration torque support (R).

Hydro International Launches a New Trade Effluent Savings Calculator

Hydro International has launched a new trade effluent calculator to help UK process and industrial businesses find out what they could be saving in trade effluent charges.

The UK’s Leading Variable Speed Drive Repair Company

We offer fast, reliable on-site repair services at your facility, so you don’t need to worry and can leave it to one of our expert engineers to guarantee a fixed drive. This enables you to minimise downtime by getting your out-of-service equipment fully repaired and back into production.

Gold & Wassall Hinges Ltd, leading the way in hinge manufacture for over 200 years.

With over two centuries of experience in the hinges industry, Gold and Wassall provides a fully comprehensive design and manufacturing service for any kind of hinge for any kind of application.  However large, small, simple or complex your requirement, we can design and manufacture in most materials, offering a wide range of finishes to give you the optimum solution.

Paro Software optimizes the entire process of hydraulic manifold creation with the addition of HydroCam

In an unprecedented move, Paro Software introduces the new HydroCam software that makes it possible to automate the programming of CNC machines for hydraulic manifold production. A breakthrough in achieving complete optimization of the entire process of hydraulic manifold creation from the initial design to final production. Paro Software, a company that created HydroSym software for designing hydraulic schematics and HydroMan for designing hydraulic manifolds is helping hydraulic engineers save upwards of 80% of their time by now digitizing the final production of hydraulic manifolds. If before it would take hours if not days to program the CNC machine for manifold production, with HydroCam the program is automatically generated based on HydroMan design.

Looking for abrasion-resistant matt surfaces?

IST Metz, winner of accolades for its UV technology, uses the excimer process for bright matt results across a range of industrial applications.  

Full steam ahead with help from Riello

Riello has donated an RL34 oil burner to the Internal Fire Museum in Cardigan for use in the first of its steam halls. The burner is fitted to a Beel VFB boiler donated by Cochran UK.

TakeAIM – the smart solution for all workplace equipment inspections

January saw the launch of a brand new app from the multi-award winning Good to Go Safety team.

The TakeAIM app allows equipment inspections to be carried out digitally, using any Android or iOS/Apple device. Users can choose from an extensive list of checklists covering all industries, this ever growing list includes forklifts, fire equipment, vehicles, scaffolding, ladders, tractors and so much more. It also allows new checklists to be created and added quickly and easily.

Stirring up bearings – How stirring accuracy can reduce waste and increase purity

In the Harry Potter series, we see many scenes in Professor Snape’s potions class where a simple potion can turn into a deadly poison with nothing more than a wayward stir. In the real world, correctly mixing chemicals is even more important. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of precision bearing specialist SMB Bearings, explains the problems with ineffective chemical stirring in pharmaceutical production and how bearings can help.

DAL aluminised burner plates more than double life expectancy

A more than doubling of life expectancy for burner plates operating under metal dusting type conditions has been confirmed by the application of DAL aluminide diffusion coating.