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Ultra-Low Power M2M And Industrial IOT Remote Terminal Unit

Featuring mobile connectivity, SD card, instrument grade I/Os and CDLSmartHub ™ integration for online management

Smart Storm Lead The Way In Waste Water Monitoring

Smart Storm design and manufacture the world’s most advanced products for Water and Waste Water management and control. The Smart Storm product range sets itself apart from its competitors through innovative design with features and benefits not seen in other products.

Freeman Technology Launches A New Ground-Breaking Powder Tester For Cost-Efficient Industrial Measurement

Freeman Technology, a global leader in powder testing technology, has launched the Uniaxial Powder Tester (UPT) a unique stand-alone uniaxial shear tester for simple, sensitive and cost-efficient powder characterisation. Developed in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and a major industrial powder processor, the new tester delivers automated, highly repeatable measurement and provides a cost effective alternative to traditional powder testing techniques.

New Labfacility Brochure

Thermocouple & Resistance Thermometer Sensors

A new, comprehensive brochure from Labfacility features detailed product information and technical guidance on a wide range of temperature sensors and probe assemblies & installation fittings.

HBM Announce Five Webinars, On Five Topics, In Five Days!

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the dates for its latest series of free measurement technology webinars, which take place on 22nd – 26th February 2016.


2015 was a changing year at BeanAir®. After years of hard work and tremendous effort, Spacewireless® is on the market. Announced at early 2015 and released after few months, Spacewireless®, this breakthrough patent, is already shaping the sensing technology market.

Reduce Costs And Enhance Process Safety With Specialist Training From Global Pressure Relief Specialist

UK-based rupture disc manufacturer, Elfab Ltd are excited to announce their latest offering in training packages to support customers with process safety concerns.


The PROton range is the latest range of modular Embedded Control systems from Cambridge Microprocessor Systems designed by engineers for engineers.

The Importance Of High Quality Fall Protection Anchorage Points

Ultimate Safety working at Heights with RUD Fall Protection Anchorage Points
According to RIDDOR falls from height were the most common cause of fatalities from 2013/2014, accounting for nearly three in ten (29%) fatal injuries to workers than any other injury kind. The importance of safety working at heights and the use of top quality fall protection equipment is clear to see from the figures above.

Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Clean Liquids

The FDT7000 Series ultrasonic flow meter is known for ease of installation. The clamp-on pipe sensors do not require pipe fittings or breaking of the line as they do not come into contact with the internal liquid.

5S Plus Guide: Best Practices For A Leaner And Safer Workplace

How much does safety mean to you? Get up-to-speed on how you can reduce waste, improve productivity & improve employee knowledge. See examples of just what you can do with the power of 5S Plus. Request your Free Guide book now!

Bulk Bag Unloader Provides Closed-Cycle Dust Containment; Protects Personnel From Migrant Dust, Improves Bag Spouting Efficiency, And Protects Process Operations From Contaminants

HOLLAND, Michigan (January 12, 2016) – National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). This NBE bulk bag unloader was designed, engineered, and built to address specific dust reduction, and process operation efficiency requirements identified by NBE during the application assessment.

Supplying Industry The Best Masking And Protecting Labels

For industrial masking labels look no further than the excellent products from Steier, the leading German manufacturer of die cut adhesive labels. Available from Somerset Solders Ltd we’d like to introduce you to just some of the products and their applications.

Vertical Emergency Tank Shower – Se-Vts-1

An emergency tank shower for use where a constant water supply or adequate water pressure is unavailable, this emergency safety shower is fully compliant with ANSI Z358.1 providing a guaranteed 15 minutes of water flow.

Waste Sites Warned “There’s No Smoke Without Fire Water”

WASTE handling and recycling sites, currently under obligation to re-assess their fire accident plans, could be failing to plan for the impact of millions of litres of water likely to be discharged to fight a major fire, experts are warning.

Applied Rubber Linings – 40 Years Serving Industry

Since commencing trading in the mid 1970s, Applied Rubber Linings (ARL), the Gloucester based rubber lining business is firmly established as a UK market leader, renowned and respected throughout  industry for providing a quality product and reliable service in protective linings and coatings for all types of process plant and equipment.

Rittal Ri4Power Switchgear And Busbar System  Installed On Ocean Liner 

A Rittal Ri4Power switchgear and busbar system has been installed in Logos Hope, a 442-passenger ship. The ocean liner, which sails around ports predominantly in South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, is operated on behalf of OM Ships International, a Christian training and outreach movement, by GBA Ships e.V., a private, non-profit, charitable organisation registered in Germany.

11th Successive Year Of Double-Digit Growth For Pooling Partners In The UK

2015 marked the eleventh successive year of double-digit growth for IPP Logipal UK & Ireland, part of Pooling Partners, Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes, and the UK & Ireland’s second largest pallet pooler.

Beamex Launches Its Calibration Insights Blog

If you have an interest in process calibration head over to Beamex’s new blog site Calibration insights here you will find blog posts from the experts at Beamex covering the latest topics in the world of calibration.

Machines 4 Food Ltd

Machines 4 Food Ltd established in 2003 with the joining together of two other companies invoked in sear New and refurbished machines for 20 years. We offer a range of New machines as UK Agents for several companies and we manufacture new machines. We sell New ATM vacuum Packers which have proven to be very reliable in the La market.

Electrix International Ltd

New Range Of Flush Mounted Electrical Enclosures From The World’s Market Leader

Electrix International Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer and stockist of Stainless Steel Cable Management Systems, is proud to launch the new Flush Mounted Pharma Enclosure range.


H2scan’s HY-ALERTA™ 2620 Explosion Proof Area Hydrogen Monitor provides hydrogen-specific leak detection and measurement for hydrogen concentrations as low as 4000 ppm and can be scaled to any concentration up to 5% hydrogen by volume, a range representing 10% to 125% of hydrogen’s low flammability limit.

New Analysers For Part B Solvent Emissions

Quantitech, the Milton Keynes based instrumentation specialist, has been appointed exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for ErsaTec GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of gas analysers for the measurement of organic gases (TOC) such as solvents and fuels.

Process Industry Non-Linear Electrical Loads – Rcd Safety

Electrical installations for sites, including administration offices, services, research/test labs, manufacturing areas and process lines will contain equipment that has “non-linear load” characteristics.  Skilled Persons /Duty Holders (electrically) must have an understanding of the impact this has on the selection of RCD protection devices, to meet the requirements of HSR25 3rd Edition see Reg. 4(1) 65 and 4(4) 79. The standard AC RCDs used in many installations are not suitable for use with non-linear loads.

TME’s MM7100 Thermobarscan – The Exciting New Face Of Tempeature Measurement

The MM7100 Thermobarscan – an innovative digital thermometer featuring integral barcode scanning, programmable alarms and Bluetooth communication – made a big impact during 2015, attracting new sales in Europe, China and Australia, and is now shortlisted for a national FM innovation award.

Automated Lift Tables Safely Empty Carts, Trucks To Eliminate Manual Lifting

Greensboro, NC, USA: Automated lift tables from global laundry products and equipment manufacturer Tingue, Greensboro, NC, USA (, replace the manual handling and transfer of clean linens and a wide variety of products with a safer system that eliminates heavy lifting, speeds work flow and boosts efficiency.

“The Protector Of Electronics” Pursues Ambitious Visions

STEGO Filter Fan Plus expels more air from an enclosure.

After merely 26 months of research and development ‘the protectors of electronics’ STEGO, launch a filter fan series that will create a sensation. Its new air-flap technology achieves considerably more efficient air circulation which is a big plus in operational terms.

Man and Machine CAD Training Academy

Our goal is to help you optimise your design process. Whether you are in the architecture, plant or construction industries, we have the experience to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve, and we have the expertise to enable you to do it better.

NEW 2016 AC Electric Motors Catalogue Now Available From Parvalux Electric Motors

Parvalux has expanded its AC electric motor range offer, the range development now sees Single and 3 phase AC electric motors – up to 315kw.

Stainless Steel Connection Technology – Schwer Fittings Limited

Company Background

Having been involved in the manufacture of stainless steel fittings for over 40 years, the German based company has an ongoing goal of producing high quality, precise, stainless steel, tube and hose connectors and adapters, whilst on-going developments and improvements keep it at the fore front of the marketplace.

Virgin Atlantic Turns To Hird To Take “Major Step Forward” In Aircraft Maintenance Lifting

Manitex Valla Cranes offer a range of Pick and Carry Cranes designed for Industrial and manufacturing lifting solutions. Used in both production and maintenance lifting, Valla offer cranes from 2t pedestrian controlled through a wide range of cranes up to 40t swl.


Fridge magnets, mats, squeezy stress items & promotional kit embroidered or printed staff work wear, towels etc.

The Bearings Market: Top Trends For 2016 From Bowman International

Innovation of materials, availability on demand and more streamlined supply processes are amongst the top trends that OEMs and distributors can expect to see from the bearings market in 2016.

Anti-Kinking Spirals ‘KSS’

Hose assemblies are stressed by frequent and severe bending whilst in daily operation. The main bending area is at the joint end. The use of anti-kinking spirals ‘KSS’ protects the hose assemblies from kinking – and extends the service life without restricting hose exibility.

New LC Automation Website Is Here… And It’s Now 10 X Faster!

Over the last 40 years, LC Automation has built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading technical distributors, but their customers have never been able to place orders online, until now. The new brand new LC Automation website was launched in December 2015 and now has more than 10,000 products available to order, with prices and live stock levels.

The New Generation Tc Rotary Indexing Table: Up To 20% Faster – Up To 90% Stronger

Weiss is setting standards with the further improved tc range. The new generation of electromechanical rotary indexing tables increases productivity through speeds in excess of 220 cycles per minute. The power density is also impressive. Depending on application parameters, the new ‘power table’ can handle virtually double the mass moment of inertia of its predecessor.